CAP ANAMUR | Rundbrief November 2016

Office Cap Anamur

In unserem aktuellen Rundbrief berichten wir über unsere Arbeit in Syrien, Sierra Leone und dem Sudan. Unser Rundbrief als PDF

Dear Sponsors,

on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of our organization our founder Rupert Neudeck, who died in May , said “ I will never again be fearful. Cap Anamur is the best result of the German desire to be never fearful again, but always brave.” 

Rupert Neudeck was tireless on his way with radical humanity, acting clever, looking forward and holding a mirror up for the community. Thus he inspired a lot of people. With him passing away we lost a friend, who will always be our example and driver and who continues to request from us not to be fearful.

Our living organization is what continues, which is engaged in the forgotten crisis and wars of this world and which is needed today more than ever before. Our brave team members engage themselves with brain, vision and heart in the sense of our founder. They often work in inconvenient, even dangerous missions to improve life for people in misery.

We thank you for your support of our important work and wish you a peaceful new year

Cordial regards

Werner Strahl