Children in a madrassa in the IDP (refugees in their own country) camp near Ceelbuh. Cap Anamur factfinding tour to the north of Somaliland (border area with Somalia) - due to the ongoing drought. The last rain fell 3 years ago.

About us

Finances of our organization

The principles for handling our finances

Independent audit

Our financial system is subject to an annual independent audit. Individual projects and the central accounting department are closely scrutinized. In addition to the coherence of the accounting, the transparency and comprehensibility of the internal processes are also evaluated here. As in previous years, our financials passed the audit for 2020 and again earned us an unconditional audit opinion.

No booking without receipt

By accepting donations, we accept the responsibility to use the funds appropriately and effectively. In order to have control over incoming and spent funds at all times, we work with a transparent cash and logging system in all projects. On a monthly basis, the project managers submit their cash statements to the central accounting department in Cologne. All financial movements are checked and documented here. In financial management, we always act according to the principle: no entry without a receipt.


On the following pages, we outline the key facts on the development of our financial position. In this way, we want to make it clear to our donors, with concrete figures, what funds they provide us with in total and how we distribute them among our projects.

Meeting (Ole Hengelbrock (left, Cap Anamur Coordinator), Halima Mohamed (left front, Director of the National Institute of Public Health and Tropical Medicine) with refugees at Caynabo IDP camp (refugees in their own country). 600 families live here.

Over 40 years of Cap Anamur in figures

Sustainable aid with tradition


projects worldwide


countries where aid was provided

25 million

patients treated


staff members sent


hospitals built

8 million

children vaccinated


schools built

25 years

presence in the Nuba Mountains

More about us

Our guidelines

Seit der Gründung von Cap Anamur hält sich die Organisation an das Prinzip, dort zu helfen, wo es nötig ist. With our work, over the years, basic principles and guidelines have emerged according to which we act.

School class in the partly destroyed school


A careful use of our financial means as well as transparency towards the public and our donors are essential for us.


The history of Cap Anamur begins in 1979 with the emergency situation of the Vietnamese boat people in the South China Sea, which Christel and Rupert Neudeck did not want to stand idly by: The birth of Cap Anamur Deutsche Not-Ärzte e. V..

Cap Anamur Team in the office

Our team

The office in Cologne is responsible for administration as well as project coordination and communication. Our small team there coordinates the worldwide emergency aid missions with a lot of heart and soul, plans future projects and takes care of fundraising and accounting.