Die erneuten Kämpfe im Sudan, die im April 2023 aufgeflammt sind, haben den Bedarf an humanitärer Hilfe drastisch erhöht.


Sudan conflict | a forgotten war

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Cap Anamur provides worldwide humanitarian aid.

Cap Anamur provides worldwide humanitarian aid.

Fast, unbureaucratic and focused on sustainability.

Fast, unbureaucratic and focused on sustainability.

Cap Anamur has been working in war and crisis zones, after natural disasters, and in various emergency situations for over 40 years. Around the globe, our doctors, nurses, and project workers provide professional and immediate emergency support.

This includes creating functioning local structures, like e.g. building or restoring hospitals and schools but also the training of local personnel with the goal of being able to pass projects as soon as possible into the hands of the people.

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highly efficient

Our balance sheet: 93% of the donations flow directly into the projects.


Our know-how: Practical expertise from more than 40 years of humanitarian aid.


Our principle: Hand over projects to the local population as soon as possible.

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Current projects

Current projects

Responsible action starts with project planning:

Responsible action starts with project planning:

Cap Anamur relief actions are provided in different countries worldwide and are designed to be long-term. Our projects connect to possibly existing local structures and build on cooperation with the local people. Typically, projects are handed over to the population as soon as possible to be continued locally. This way our engagement remains continuously effective even after our withdrawal and new capacities are freed for our missions.

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Invitation to a Hindu wedding: Nurse Anabela Valtentin (Cap Anamur, 2015) must join the dance in the tent to the great joy of the other guests. The photo was taken in the Cap Anamur project Mountain Village Judeegaun, some 60 km from Bhaktapur. There, an earthquake destroyed almost all houses of the roughly 200 families living in the village.

Latest news

Latest news

Ole Hengelbrock, Cap Anamur Coordinator, 2017 playing football with refugee children at the IDP-Camp (Internally Displaced Persons). The photo was taken during a Cap Anamur fact-finding mission to the North of Somaliland, in the borderland to Somalia. There, an emergency situation has been caused by an ongoing drought. The last rain fell 3 years ago.

People behind Cap Anamur

People behind Cap Anamur

Volker Pispers
Volker Pispers, ©Niko Bellgardt

„When governments pass off cruelties as practical constraints, then NGOs have to step into the breach.“

— Volker Pispers, comedian

Urban Priol
Urban Priol, ©Henning Schlottmann

„I admire and appreciate the work, the tireless effort and the passion of the Cap Anamur/Deutsche Notärzte e.V. team, who resolutely provide help on location even when the carousel of media attention has long moved on.“

— Urban Priol, comedian

Cordula Stratmann
Cordula Stratmann, ©Boris Breuer

„What a story: Someone who no longer wants to consume the need of refugees as news, has an idea and starts an entire movement! Cap Anamur exists for almost my entire life and its name sounds to my ears like another word for: Looking! Acting! My heartfelt congratulations to all who are this movement and who have been helping people on location and on the run to live for 40 years! I am filled with respect!“

— Cordula Stratmann, comedian, actress, TV host and writer

Günter Wallraff
Günter Wallraff, ©Fabian Stürtz

„Here, donations do not seep away into a big bureaucracy, but benefit directly the genuine purpose and therefore the people. Because of this, my own experience, I since call Cap Anamur the prime example for an aid organisation.“

– Günter Wallraff, journalist and writer

Dr. Nellie Bell, ©Jürgen Escher

„At the time when Ebola broke out, Cap Anamur did important work at the children’s hospital. For years, Cap Anamur has been helping the country. We are endlessly grateful. So many children were saved.“

— Dr. Nellie Bell, paediatric surgeon at Ola During Children’s Hospital in Sierra Leone

Visit to the village of Moforkoya in Sierra Leone 2017 (Cap Anamur school construction): - Dr. Werner Strahl (Member of the Board CA) in the middle of the school class.
Dr. Werner Strahl, ©Jürgen Escher

„We endeavour to hand over our projects only when we are certain that our support is no longer needed, but we keep in contact with those whom we know well, so that if needed, we can provide aid fast in new emergencies.“

– Dr. Werner Strahl, paediatric surgeon, and former chairman of Cap Anamur Dt. Notärzte (e.V.) German Emergency Doctors e.V.

Welcoming of the cattle drovers in the Bezaha region. In 2013, Cap Anamur teams worked in different regions of Madagascar to provide mainly medical assistance to the rural poor.