School class in the partly destroyed school

About us

Transparency of our organization

A careful use of our financial means as well as transparency towards the public and our donors are essential for us.

There are no uniform publication requirements for non-profit organizations in Germany. Those who work for the common good should still inform society: what exactly the organization’s goals are, where the funds come from, how they are used, and who the decision-makers are.

Transparent Civil Society initiative

Cap Anamur is part of the "Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft" (Transparent Civil Society Initiative).

We deem it essential that those who work for the common good transparently communicate to the community what goals the respective organization is pursuing, account for the source of funds and their use, and introduce decision-makers.

1. Name, registered office, address and year of foundation

Cap Anamur / German Emergency Doctors e.V.
Thebäerstraße 30
50823 Cologne, Germany
Year of foundation: 1979

2. Complete statutes

The purpose of the Association is the promotion of welfare, the promotion of development aid, the promotion of health care as well as the selfless support of persons who are dependent on the help of others due to their physical, mental or psychological condition or their economic circumstances. The purpose of the statutes is realized in particular through

  • Aid and support for refugees, persecuted persons and for victims of war and disasters
  • Emergency and disaster relief in war and crisis zones
  • Ensuring and developing primary health care
  • charitable aid through medical and economic assistance to persons within the meaning of § 53 para. 1 AO
  • Reconstruction aid and aid to improve infrastructure (water and energy supply, waste disposal, etc.)
  • The Association can use auxiliary persons in the sense of § 57 (1) AO for the pursuit of its purposes.

to the complete statutes

3. Notice of exemption

The association is exempt from corporate income tax and trade tax according to the exemption notice of July 17, 2020.

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4. Names and functions of the decision-makers

The governing bodies of the Association are the Board of Directors and the General Meeting.

The members of the Board of Management are:

Volker Rath
Dr. Werner Höfner
Boris Dieckow

5. Activity report

Here you can find the current activity report as well as the activity reports of the last years:

to the annual reports

6. Personnel structure

The number of employees in our Cologne office in 2022 was six, with five full-time and one part-time salaried employee. In addition, an average of 25 employees were employed full-time abroad last year. The three members of the Board of Directors serve on a voluntary basis.

  • Mitgliederversammlung
    16 stimmberechtigte Mitglieder
    • Vorstand
      Volker Rath (Vorsitz), Dr. Werner Höfner und Boris Dieckow
      • Geschäftsführung
        Bernd Göken
        • Projektmanagement
          • Koordination
            Bernd Göken
            Ole Hengelbrock
          • Controlling
            Bernd Göken
            Ute Schneider
        • Verwaltung
          • Finanzen
            Ute Schneider
          • Personal
            Ute Schneider
            Ole Hengelbrock
        • Kommunikation
          • Spenderbetreuung
            Christopher Warnecke
          • Presse- & Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
            Stephanie Berg

7. Source and application of funds

Here you can find our profit and loss statement as a pdf file:

View profit and loss statement

8. Affiliation or association

There are no contractual relationships with third parties that have a significant influence on decisions made by our organization.

9. Payments representing more than ten percent of the total annual budget

Neither legal entities nor private individuals made any payments to our association in the past year that exceeded ten percent of our total annual budget. Furthermore, there were no payments from public authorities or other clients for the provision of services in accordance with the contract that exceeded this threshold for this year.

More about us

Our guidelines

Seit der Gründung von Cap Anamur hält sich die Organisation an das Prinzip, dort zu helfen, wo es nötig ist. With our work, over the years, basic principles and guidelines have emerged according to which we act.

School class in the partly destroyed school


A careful use of our financial means as well as transparency towards the public and our donors are essential for us.


The history of Cap Anamur begins in 1979 with the emergency situation of the Vietnamese boat people in the South China Sea, which Christel and Rupert Neudeck did not want to stand idly by: The birth of Cap Anamur Deutsche Not-Ärzte e. V..

Cap Anamur Team in the office

Our team

The office in Cologne is responsible for administration as well as project coordination and communication. Our small team there coordinates the worldwide emergency aid missions with a lot of heart and soul, plans future projects and takes care of fundraising and accounting.