Nele Grapentin (Cap Anamur nurse) with waiting people at the registration and examination of refugees

The people behind Cap Anamur

Our team in individual portraits

There is one point on which we all agree:

Working for Cap Anamur abroad: a very special experience.

All those who work at Cap Anamur are united by the common desire to help people in need and to support projects in crisis regions – with experience and passion.

In their respective profiles, some of us report on our work with Cap Anamur. In addition to professional and personal motivation, many different personal and emotional insights and experiences are shared. And also many a description of formative encounters on site.

Shabbir Ahmed, Cap Anamur Project Coordinator

Shabbir Ahmed

As project coordinator, Shabbir Ahmed takes care of the health care facilities in Bangladesh with which Cap Anamur has cooperation agreements.

Nele Grapentin (Cap Anamur nurse) on rounds at Kiryandongo Hospital.

Nele Grapentin

Nurse Nele Grapentin's first mission took her to Uganda, but it is by no means to be her last mission for Cap Anamur. The curiosity of the children,…

Simone Ross (Cap Anamur nurse) plays with a severely, multiply disabled street child.

Simone Ross

Pediatric nurse Simone Ross had great experiences in both Sierra Leone and Uganda. Working in the emergency room, in the infant and pediatric wards,…

Dr. Noa Judith Freudenthal (left, pediatric cardiologist, Cap Anamur) during rounds at Ola During Childrens Hospital (ODCH) in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Dr. Noa Judith Freudenthal

The children's hospital in the capital Freetown is constantly overcrowded and there is a lot to do, but with her colleagues, who have since become…

Karina Busemann - Nurse in Somaliland

Karina Busemann

Above all, the strong women impressed nurse Karina Busemann in Somaliland. If she had to list all the fond memories she has of her time on the…

Dr. Janika Briegel

During her assignment, physician Janika Briegel has been intensively involved in the further training of local employees. She was particularly…

Faisal Haidari

Afghan-born Faisal Haidari works as a project coordinator for Cap Anamur in Afghanistan. Since 2001, the Afghan, of Tajik descent, has been taking…

Dr. Friederike Scheu

Dr. Friedericke Scheu reports on her six-month assignment for Cap Anamur at the children's hospital in Sierra Leone.

Dorothea Kumpf

Dr. Dorothea Kumpf

Pediatrician Dorothea Kumpf was in Somalia for Cap Anamur. For six months, the young woman worked in a hospital in Somalialand, an area in the north…

Sarah Schütz (right, midwife, Cap Anamur) on the road with a colleague in Bossombélé District Hospital. © Jürgen Escher.

Sarah Schütz

Midwife Sarah Schütz worked for six months in the Central African Republic at our hospital in Bossembélé. There she helped deliver many children…

Thorsten Kirsch

Thorsten Kirsch

Thorsten Kirsch works as a nurse for Cap Anamur in Somaliland. His most important piece of luggage for the trip: His guitar. Being involved in areas…

Andreas Tsukalas (Cap Anamur architect) talking to craftsmen.

Andreas Tsukalas

Andreas Tsukalas works as an architect for Cap Anamur in Somaliland. This is already his sixth deployment.

Work Environment

Cap Anamur: Traditionally active worldwide

Vor dem Schulunterricht wird gemeinsam gesungen und gebetet: Straßenkinder im Gespräch mit Dennis Wellmann (Projektleiter Pikin Paddy). Since 2012, Cap Anamur has been running a street children project in Freetown called

Collaborating in the project

An assignment in our various projects is generally possible all over the world. We provide humanitarian aid and sustainable reconstruction work in small teams, always with the maxim of involving the local population and handing over the projects to them as quickly as possible.

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Cap Anamur Team in the office

Working in the office

A relatively small team handles the work at our office in Cologne and coordinates all activities worldwide. The administrative overhead is kept to a minimum in order to be able to invest as much as possible in the project work.

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