Frequently asked questions

Questions about our bank account details

What is Cap Anamur's donation account?

Please send donations exclusively to the following bank account:

Cap Anamur German Emergency Doctors e.V.
Sparkasse KölnBonn
IBAN: DE85 3705 0198 0002 2222 22

We are delighted to receive any donations!

Can I make a donation to Cap Anamur from a foreign bank account?

We can accept transfers from any country, but we can only collect direct debits from SEPA participating countries. For example, you can check on the page of the banking association to see if your own country is one of the participating ones. Alternatively, feel free to contact us, we will surely find a solution.

Questions regarding donations

Which options do I have to support Cap Anamur?

As a private individual:

  • Support with a one-time or regular donation.
  • Donate for a special occasion – for example, a birthday, anniversary, etc.
  • Collect donations for us by organizing your own fundraising campaign among your friends and acquaintances.
  • Include Cap Anamur in your will, and assist people in need beyond your lifetime.

As a company:

  • Support with a one-time or regular donation.
  • Provide long-term support through a corporate partnership.
  • Organize a remainder cent campaign to benefit Cap Anamur.
  • Make a meaningful gift based on the occasion: for example, with a Christmas or anniversary contribution.

What are the advantages of an ongoing donation?

Ongoing donations, e.g. monthly payments, help us to be able to plan projects reliably and in the long term. This allows us to help quickly and flexibly in emergency situations and to react specifically where the need is greatest. In addition, ongoing donations ensure low administrative costs, because the administrative effort required for a regular donation is even lower than for individual ones. Loyalty is very valuable to us.

How can I cancel my ongoing donation?

A donation order can be cancelled at any time and without any deadlines. Please send an e-mail to spenden@cap-anamur.org or call +49 221 – 9 13 81 53. All you need to do is provide us with your donation or membership number and/or your address or IBAN so that we can process your request correctly.

How can I change my personal data?

The stored personal data can be changed at any time by emailing spenden@cap-anamur.org or by telephone during office hours at +49 221 – 9 13 81 53. We are also available to answer any questions you may have about data protection.

Does Cap Anamur also accept donations in kind?

Since donations in kind (such as food, medicine, hygiene items, clothes and plastic tarpaulins for shelters, etc.) have to be sorted, stored and shipped, they usually cause disproportionately high costs and enormous effort. In addition, transport alone often incurs higher costs than the local purchase – with which we also strengthen the local infrastructure.

Therefore, the best and most effective way to support our work is to donate money. This way, we can purchase the things which are presently really needed. Monetary donations are therefore more efficient and – unlike donations in kind or materials – do not require resources such as transport, personnel and storage capacities.

Can I become a sponsoring member of Cap Anamur?

Of course, with pleasure! Sponsoring members support the work of Cap Anamur with a regular membership fee. The amount of the sponsorship contribution is freely selectable and can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You can find out more information and how to become a sponsoring member right here.

Do I get a donation receipt for my donation / membership fee?

Both a donation to us and a membership fee are tax deductible due to our established non-profit status. The detection limit has been 300 euros since January 1, 2021. This means that for donations and membership fees under 300 euros, a simplified proof (simple bank statement, a booking confirmation of the bank transfer or a deposit slip) is sufficient vis-à-vis the tax office.

As a rule, we send a donation receipt for an individual donation directly a few weeks after receipt of the donation, if this is explicitly requested. In the case of recurrent donations or membership fees, we will automatically send a collective donation receipt at the beginning of the following year. In doing so, we have decided, in order to be ecological and cost-saving, to issue donation receipts only from a (total) donation amount of 50 euros. A donation receipt can only be sent if we have the complete address.

Likewise, we would like to point out that for donation receipts for the tax office, we may only indicate the date of receipt of the donation. Therefore, keep in mind when donating toward the end of the year:

  • SEPA direct debits usually take 1-2 banking days to arrive in our donation account. Towards the end of the year, more banking days may also be required. Therefore, please be sure to allow enough lead time if you would like a donation receipt for the same year.
  • Donations by credit card will be paid to us by our external service provider only a few days later by collective booking. Again, the date received on our account is used – not the date the donation was made.
  • Paypal donations are usually posted for the same day they are made. The prerequisite for this is that they are received by 23:50 at the latest.

Our office team is always available to answer any further questions and thanks you for your understanding!

Does Cap Anamur accept fines?

Yes, Cap Anamur is authorized to accept fines. Detailed information can be found here.

Questions about the handling of donations

What are Cap Anamur's goals?

Since its foundation, Cap Anamur has adhered to the principle of helping where it is needed. With our work, over the years, basic principles and guidelines have emerged according to which we act. We base our actions on the principle of sustainability. In war and crisis zones, we create structures that permanently improve the lives of people in need: by repairing and building hospitals and schools, training local employees and providing building materials, relief supplies and medicines. Accordingly, the faster we can hand over a project into the hands of local employees, the better. This frees up capacity for further operations.

Our complete bylaws can be viewed and downloaded here.

How much of my donation really goes into the projects?

The lion’s share of 92 percent of donations currently goes directly to people in need. We always strive to keep the administrative overhead as low as possible. Here’s what Cap Anamur’s latest donation chart (as of 2020) looks like:

Percentage distribution of spending in 2020 (in %)

Questions regarding direct involvement and employment

Which projects can I get involved in?

Click here for a list of our current projects.

Are there any prerequisites for working in a Cap Anamur project?

To help in our projects in the medical or in the technical field, several requirements must be met. In addition to the minimum age of 25, employees should also have professional experience and good foreign language skills. More information on this, as well as a list of application requirements, is available here.

How long is my deployment period in the project?

How long team members work on one of our projects depends on both the project and the individual. However, we always plan for a deployment period of at least six months. This gives our employees enough time to familiarize themselves with the project and to develop a feeling for the situation on site. More info regarding a potential work assignment in the project can be found here.

Will the assignment be compensated?

We pay our employees a gross salary of 2,000 Euros per month. Cap Anamur provides food and accommodation in the project country.

What about insurance for Cap Anamur team members?

In addition to the statutory health insurance and the employers’ liability insurance abroad, we also take out accident and flight return insurances as well as health insurance abroad for our employees.

Any questions?