Our work there at a glance

Rebuilding of two destroyed medical institutions:

  • Hospital in Quissange
  • Health station in Nacobe

Our focus

Rebuilding of two hospitals to provide sufficient medical care for the returning population.

Already since 2019 more and more assaults and terroristic attacks done by jihadist groups have occured. The province of Cabo Delgado and the provincial capital of Pemba were particularly hard hit. The raids also affected the civilian population who fled the attacks and massacres. They found refuge in camps, where they wait in catastrophic living conditions to return home.

In the meantime, the Mozambican military, with the support of Rwandan soldiers, has been able to recapture the towns taken by the extremists.

The attacks by the jihadist militia groups have led to the destruction of infrastructure such as hospitals or administrative buildings.

Cap Anamur is therefore dedicated to rebuilding two hospitals in the province of Cabo Delgado, in the towns of Quissanga and Nacobe.

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Key health data

Life expectancy

64/58 years


Infant mortality


per 1,000 births



per 1,000 inhabitants

Cap Anamur engegament in Mozambique

2019 - 2020

The situation in Mozambique

Political situation

After gaining independence from Portugal in 1975, the country has been caught up in yearlong civil war, which led to the ultimate collapse of the economy. It was not until 1994 that peace talks led to a stabilising situation. Since 2015, the country increasingly has to face the new challenge of islamistic attacks and assaults. In the first months of 2020 these attacks of the jihadistic militia became, especially in the province Cabo Delgabo, more and more frequent. The civil populaton became increasingly the target of those attacks. That led to thousands leaving their homes, to seek refugee in west Mosambique. In the meantime, the situation is calming down again and efforts are being made to return the population to their home villages as soon as possible.

Social situation.

Due to years of civil war and the devastating Idai and Kenneth cylons that destroyed large parts of the coastal region in 2019, medical care in the country is inadequate. In rural regions there is offered little or even no public health care at all. Despite an economic upswing since the end of the 1990´s, as aconsequence of an increased mining of raw materials, a large majority of the population lives in poor conditions. The since 2020 repeatedly occurring attacks extremistic groups, have led to further destruction of the infrastructure. Hospitals and administration buildings were burnt down during those attacks.

Cap Anamour is responsible in the region Cabo Delgabo for the rebuilding of two destroyed hospitals, to enable the medical treatment of the returning population.

The both cylons Kenneth and Idai destroyed huge parts of the costal region of Mozambique. Because their houses were destroyed, the poeple had to seek rescue somewhere else, for example in an elementary school.

Our engagement in Mozambique.

Rebuilding: Hospital Quissanga

Training programm for being a nurse specialist and tutoring programme for children from low-income Families.

In the district capital Quissanga, there is a hospital called Hospital Distrital de Quissanga. It was burned down partially after the raids in 2020. It consists of a maternity ward, an ambulance, a nurses room, and a medical center. Most of the building are empty and partly very demaged. Cap Anamour will revonovate the maternity ward and the ambulance at first, and then in a second step all the other buildings. At the same time there will be an independent access to water installed. Furthermore there will be a generator for emergencies installed.

Rebuilding of the Health station in Nacobe.

Build up of hospitals.

The outpost Centro de Saudé Nacobe consists of four buildings: one maternity ward and the waiting room, an ambulance and housing for the medical staff.

The maternity ward has been destroyed, all of the other buildings are in a pretty solid shape. Therefore Cap Anamur is planning the construction of the marternity ward and the clean up, as well as small reperations of the other buildings.