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Statutes of the association Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V.

Statutes of the association Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V.

in the version from September 24th, 2016

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§ 1

The name of the Association is “Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V.”.

The Association exclusively and directly pursues charitable and benevolent purposes within the meaning of the section “Tax-privileged purposes” of the German Tax Code.

§ 2

The registered office of the Association is in Cologne.

§ 3

The purpose of the Association is the promotion of welfare, the promotion of development aid, the promotion of health care as well as the selfless support of persons who are dependent on the help of others due to their physical, mental or psychological condition or their economic circumstances. The purpose of the statutes is realized in particular through

  • Aid and support for refugees, persecuted persons and for victims of war and disasters
  • Emergency and disaster relief in war and crisis zones
  • Ensuring and developing primary health care
  • charitable aid through medical and economic assistance to persons within the meaning of § 53 para. 1 AO
  • Reconstruction aid and aid for the improvement of infrastructure (water and energy supply, waste disposal and the like)
  • The Association can use auxiliary persons in the sense of § 57 (1) AO for the pursuit of its purposes.

§ 4

The Association is selflessly active, it does not pursue any economic purposes of its own. We are committed to the Humanitarian Aid Code of Conduct.

§ 5

The Association’s funds may only be used for purposes in accordance with the Articles of Association. In justified cases, members of the Association may receive appropriate remuneration for work performed.

§ 6

No person may benefit from expenses that are unrelated to the purpose of the association or from disproportionately high remuneration.

§ 7

In the event of the dissolution or annulment of the Association or in the event of the discontinuation of its previous purpose, the assets of the Association shall pass to Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V., which shall use them exclusively and directly for charitable and benevolent purposes in the sense of the Association.

§ 8

The association consists of regular and supporting members.

1. regular members

a. Accession

Full membership in the Association Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V. is granted to those who declare their full membership in writing. Regular membership requires the written consent of the Board of Directors. The declaring party shall be notified in writing of any rejection of the membership declaration by the Executive Board. The declarant may lodge an appeal against the rejection of the membership declaration by the Executive Board within one month of receipt of the rejection. The General Meeting shall decide on the appeal. A resolution of the General Meeting granting the appeal shall replace the written consent of the Board of Directors to the declaration of membership.

b. Membership fee

Full members shall pay an annual membership fee. Its respective amount is determined by the General Meeting. Exemption from contributions is possible in individual cases.

c. Rights and duties

The statutory rights and obligations apply to ordinary members.

d. End of membership

The ordinary membership with the association Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V. ends

  • with resignation from the association. The notice of resignation must be submitted in writing.
  • if it is denied to a member by the General Meeting. In this case, it expires on the day of the vote.
  • with death.

There is no right to a refund of the membership fee already paid for the year.

2. Sponsoring members

a. Accession

Any natural or legal person who financially supports the association Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V. in the fulfillment of its tasks can be a sponsoring member. Admission shall be by written declaration of membership and shall become effective upon written confirmation by the Association. The Board of Directors may reject sponsoring members for important reasons and issue notices of termination.

b. Membership fee

Sponsoring members support the purpose of the Association by paying a regular sponsoring fee.

A membership fee is charged, the amount is freely selectable and can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

c. Rights and duties
  • The sponsoring member has no voting rights and is not eligible for election.
  • Upon request, the sponsoring member will receive regular written information and a sponsoring member card.
d. End of membership

The sponsoring membership with the association Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V. ends

  • by voluntary resignation, which can be declared to the association in writing at any time.
  • in case of non-payment of membership fees automatically with the expiration of one calendar year since the last payment of membership fees.
  • by exclusion: A supporting member can be excluded from the Association if he/she behaves unlawfully or in a manner detrimental to the Association, grossly violates the interests of the Association or for any other important reason.
  • with death.

§ 9

The board of the association Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V. consists of up to three persons: The chairman, his deputy and the treasurer.

The Executive Board is responsible for the affairs of the Association, unless they are assigned to the General Meeting by the Articles of Association (see § 10).

All board members are elected individually by the General Meeting. The term of office of a member of the Board of Directors shall be two years. The individual members of the Executive Board may also be dismissed before the end of their term of office by resolution of the General Meeting.

Executive tasks may be delegated by the Board of Directors. The members of the Board of Directors serve on an honorary basis. They may receive appropriate compensation for services above and beyond the duties of the Executive Board. In each case two persons of the executive committee can represent the Association judicially and extrajudicially in cooperation (§ 26 BGB).

§ 10

At least one ordinary General Meeting of Members shall be held annually. The members of the Association are to be invited in writing by the Board of Directors. The invitation must be sent at least two weeks before the General Meeting (postmark). The agenda must be attached to the invitation.

Minutes are taken of the General Meeting as a record of the results. It shall be prepared and signed by the Chairman of the Board or his Deputy. The Board of Directors shall submit a report to the Annual General Meeting on the activities of the Association and on the use of funds, and shall present the budget for the next fiscal year.

The General Meeting shall be responsible in particular for adopting the following resolutions:

  • Decision on an appeal against the refusal of the board of directors of a membership declaration (§ 8)
  • Exclusion of members from the association (§§ 8, 11)
  • Election and dismissal of the members of the Executive Board (§ 9)
  • Discharge of the Executive Board
  • Approval of the annual financial statements and the budget for the next fiscal year
  • Election of the auditor
  • Dissolution of the Association (§ 11)
  • Amendments to the Articles of Association (§ 11)
  • Unless otherwise stipulated in these Articles of Association, the General Meeting shall decide by simple majority vote of the members present.

§ 11

Resolutions of the General Meeting on amendments to the Articles of Association, the exclusion of members and on the dissolution of the Association require a two-thirds majority of the members present.

§ 12

In all other respects, the provisions of the Civil Code concerning the Association shall apply.