Philippe Valentin (center, nurse) helps transfer the relief supplies from the truck to the tractor


Donate as a company

There are many ways for a company to make a social contribution.

Show donations and social commitment, establish meaningful giving, set up residual cent collections of salaries, or help people in need by organizing team events such as corporate telethons.

We also provide support in terms of media and communication and make the relevant material available. Donation receipts in accordance with our non-profit status, are issued accordingly at the beginning of the respective past calendar year.

The big brothers and sisters lovingly take care of their siblings. Bezaha, Madagaskar.
The big brothers and sisters lovingly take care of their siblings. Bezaha, Madagaskar.

Independent of political, economic and religious interests, Cap Anamur is committed to humanitarian aid.

Corporate donations as an important component of our work

We put great emphasis on our independence and are financed mainly by donations from civil society, which we invest in aid projects around the world. We look after these conscientiously and sustainably, always with the aim of being able to hand them over to the local population as soon as possible.

Corporate donations allow us to, among other things:

  • provide emergency medical assistance
  • to undertake the supply of food
  • build schools
  • and to build and operate hospitals.

Donation receipts

As a non-profit organization, we always issue appropriate receipts for donations made after the end of the year. The donations made are tax deductible.

As a company, you can support us as follows:

A careful use of our financial means as well as transparency towards the public and our donors are essential for us.

1. donation variants for companies

There are several ways for a company to get involved with Cap Anamur. Maybe one of the options fits particularly well?

Monetary donation

About the traditional monetary donation. We list companies as our partners for donations of as little as 1,000 euros per year. An uncomplicated way for a company to make a social contribution.

Donate Now

Fundraiser with the workforce

Involving the staff directly in your own fundraising efforts, for example in the form of a company run, is also an additional source of fun.

Christmas / Anniversary Donation

Give contemporary and meaningful gifts and make a social contribution as a company. Present customers or your own team with a corporate donation, and give to fellow human beings in need. The sum that would have gone into conventional gifts can save lives in this way.

  • possible via regular online donation
  • as a transfer of a Christmas donation (keyword “Company Christmas donation”)

Residual cent collection

Making a big difference with small amounts – that’s possible with a collection of the rounded cents of salaries, in which the entire workforce can participate.

Employees give up a small portion of their salary, usually the cents after the decimal point, which is transferred directly to Cap Anamur when their salary is deducted. Donation amount and period can also be determined individually.

2. Interested? We are happy to provide further information.

Give us a call:

0221 / 91 38 150

3. Show commitment

We provide images and text modules for the company newsletter or internal communication

With our partner company certificate

With our e-mail signature as well as our partner company logo

Please note: Due to the principles of our organization, we gladly refrain from donations from the alcohol and tobacco industry, weapons and armaments industry, raw material extraction (natural gas, oil, gold, diamonds), erotic and gambling industry as well as from pharmaceutical research and drug manufacturing.

We thank the companies and foundations that support our work:


Geprüfte Transparenz und Effizienz

Eine sorgfältige Verwendung unserer finanziellen Mittel sowie Transparenz gegenüber der Öffentlichkeit und unseren Spender:innen sind für uns essentiell.

DZI Spenden-Siegel

Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft