Our work there at a glance:

  • Improvement of the medical care
  • Operation of the Children's Hospital Ibn-al-Baladin
  • Setting up health care posts at three locations
  • School reconstruction

Our goals in Iraq and what we were able to achieve

Cap Anamur began delivering relief supplies such as food, medicine and medical equipment to the country in 2003, shortly after the end of the Iraq war. Subsequently, the improvement of medical care in Baghdad and surrounding localities became the focus of our work.

Cap Anamur took over the operation of the children’s hospital Ibn-al-Baladin. The building was in good condition, but the staff stopped showing up for duty due to the tense security situation. Many children could not be cared for due to a lack of appropriate materials and medication.

1. location Saddam city
  • The operation of the children’s hospital Ibn-al-Baladin was initially supported with technical equipment and medicines.
  • Missing personnel were paid so that operations could resume.
  • medical professionals supported the work of the local forces
2. location Sebbe Q’Sour

In the slums of Saddam City, there was almost no medical care.

  • Therefore, we built health care posts and a clinic.
  • In addition, a school and residential houses were rebuilt.
  • The water supply was ensured through new wells.

In June 2005, we were able to hand over Cap Anamur’s last facility, the clinic in Sebbe Q’Sour, to the Ministry of Health.

Our time in Iraq

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