Cap Anamur hat von 2008 bis 2023 zur Verbesserung der medizinischen Versorgung im Kongo beigetragen. Wir haben in dieser Zeit das Krankenhaus in


Our work there at a glance:

  • Improvement of the medical care
  • Renovation and operation of a hospital
  • Optimization of hospital operations
  • Training and continuing education of local employees

Our goals in Congo and what we were able to achieve

After Cap Anamur had already been active in Congo from 1996 - 1999, we resumed our work in 2008 to provide medical care in the eastern part of the country.

1. location Minova:

Despite the end of the Congo War, armed conflicts between the government army, militias and rebel groups continued to take place in the east, on the border with Rwanda. Many people from the eastern region fled to a refugee camp in Minova due to the clashes. Our medical assistance began there.

  • Medical care in the refugee camp

2. location Kamituga:

The infrastructure of the country and especially of this contested region was completely destroyed after the war. Therefore, we then dedicated ourselves to the reconstruction of a hospital and two healthcare facilities that were in a very poor condition.

  • The clinic in Kamituga has a population catchment area of around 200,000 people. The 300-bed building had to be renovated from the ground up.
  • In order to ensure the operation of the hospital even after the end of our project activities, the area of administration was optimized in such a way that the facility can be run financially independently.
  • Dispatched medical personnel trained and educated the local staff.
  • Implementation of a psychological support service for rape victims.

At the end of 2013, the hospital was transferred into the hands of local forces.

Our time in the Congo

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