Our work there at a glance:

  • Emergency aid and primary health care for the victims of the flood disaster
  • Reconstruction of homes, hospitals and schools
  • Emergency aid and medical care for malnourished children

Our goals in Pakistan and what we were able to achieve

Cap Anamur provided emergency medical and reconstruction assistance beginning in 2010, following severe flooding caused by a monsoon.

1. District Rajanpur
  • Initially, Cap Anamur provided emergency aid in the Rajanpur region from mid-August 2010. In addition to initial medical care, vital supplies such as food, drinking water, blankets, tarps and tents had to be distributed.
  • Only when the floodwaters receded did the full extent of the people’s suffering become visible. Portions of the population that already had very little before now, in most cases, had nothing at all. Cap Anamur wanted to operate in the Rajanpur region. Almost 80 percent of the area, home to 1.5 million people, had been destroyed in the floods. In three especially devastated villages, about 300 homes were then rebuilt.
  • At the same time, we carried out construction work at six medical facilities. Some had to be renovated from the ground up, and some had to be completely rebuilt. In addition to various smaller, ten- to 15-bed hospitals, the waters completely submerged the 150-bed hospital in Jampur. The damage to the masonry and furnishings was immense. All facilities were restored to ensure the provision of medical care in the region.
  • Alongside the construction work, the organization launched a program for malnourished children in the Rajanpur district hospital and surrounding refugee camps. Around 1,000 malnourished children could be treated in this way.
  • In addition to the house building project, Cap Anamur rehabilitated 13 schools. They were all located in the villages around Rajanpur and all were so badly damaged that no classes could be held there since the flood. Four of the schools even had to be completely reconstructed from scratch.

In 2011, all construction work on the hospitals, residential buildings and schools was completed. Medical care for malnourished children was completed in the same year.

Our time in Pakistan

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