Our actions there at a glance:
  • Improvement of health care
  • Renovierung und Ausstattung von sechs Gesundheitseinrichtungen
  • Knowledge exchange and practice-oriented guidance

Our goals in Colombia and what we were able to achieve

In 2010, Cap Anamur was active in Colombia, in the northwestern province of Chocó. For this forgotten corner of the world, we planned to build health clinics to provide access to basic medical care for Afro-Colombians and indigenous peoples living in complete isolation. This was our second mission in Colombia. Our employees had already been active in the country from 1988 to 1997.

1. location Chocó
  • Renovation and equipping of six health care posts.
  • Renovation of the hospital in Nóvita and outfitting with technical equipment and medicines.
  • Medical care provided by dispatched professionals.

In 2010, the health facilities were handed over to the Colombian Ministry of Health, as the facilities could be managed independently by local staff.

Our time in Colombia

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