Our actions there at a glance:
  • Emergency medical aid after the 2005 tsunamis in Calang and the 2006 earthquake in Glompong
  • medical care
  • Supply of relief goods
  • Reconstruction of schools, homes, wells and latrines

Our goals in Indonesia and what we were able to achieve

The devastating tsunamis on Boxing Day 2004 destroyed large parts of Indonesia and around 300,000 people lost their lives. Cap Anamur immediately provided emergency aid in the remote village of Calang. First, the field hospital was set up, then other relief supplies were distributed to the population. Within a very short time, the team was able to organize a well-functioning emergency aid for a completely undersupplied area. Subsequently, schools were rebuilt, wells cleaned and latrines built.

1. location Calang

The city, which was located at the southern tip of a bay and had been completely destroyed by the tsunami, had – just like the surrounding area – received hardly any aid so far. Cap Anamur set up a hospital tent, which was the only medical point of contact for the people in the region. More than 100 people were treated daily.

  • Subsequently, a field hospital was set up with a surgical unit, water tanks and generators.
  • Relief items such as eating utensils, food and other supplies were distributed to the residents of Calang.
  • We then provided reconstruction assistance for the completely destroyed infrastructure.

The next catastrophe followed in May 2006: The island of Java in the area of the major city of Yogyakarta was shaken by a severe earthquake. Around 70,000 people lost their lives, there were countless injured, and hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes. In view of the terrible destruction in the earthquake zone, the initial priority was to provide emergency aid to the poorest population.

2. location Glompong

We started by analyzing where our reconstruction assistance is most urgently needed. Far away in the Wonosari region, the village of Glompong, which had not yet received any aid visit, was chosen. The destruction here was particularly great, especially the local school had collapsed to its foundation walls.

  • Cap Anamur initially provided emergency aid by delivering food, drinking water and rain tarps.
  • Subsequently, medical care to mitigate the spread of diseases such as malaria and dengue fever, as well as diarrheal diseases, was provided.
  • The school and some residential buildings were rebuilt within three months.

Our time in Indonesia

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