Farmer tilling his fields in Bezaha region, Madagascar.


Our work there at a glance:

  • Improvement of the medical care
  • Construction work in two hospitals
  • Reperations in five local healthcare facilities

Our goals in Madagascar and what we have archieved

Cap Anamur has been involved in Madagascar since February 2013 with the aim of improving medical care in the two rural regions around Bezaha and Fandriana.

1. Location Bezaha

The hospital in Bezaha and five health care posts received medical, technical and construction support.

  • The focus was on knowledge exchange and the practice-oriented instruction and training of local personnel.
  • Cap Anamur’s concern also included making structural improvements to the surgery and maternity wards, and also reviving the internal medicine and pediatrics departments.
  • The operating wing, the only one within a three-hour drive, was reorganized and renovated with professional expertise. As a result, significant progress has been made, not least with regard to hygiene.
  • In a wide range of measures, we renovated other buildings, built new sanitary facilities, structurally renovated and restructured the pharmacy, and repaired the ambulance.

In 2015, the construction measures were completed and the two hospitals were handed over to the local colleagues. During the past two years, they have acquired the necessary tools to manage the hospitals medically and administratively on their own.

2. Location Fandriana:

The second site was located in the center of the country, in the village of Fandriana.

  • The aim of the project there, was the commissioning of an operative unit, also with regard to the relatively well-functioning maternity ward, so that in the future a C-section can be performed safely. Architect Andreas Tsukalas carried out the construction project and the opening could be celebrated in 2015.

Our time in Madagascar.

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