Farmer tilling his fields in Bezaha region, Madagascar.


Our work there at a glance
  • Improvement of the medical care
  • Construction work in two hospitals
  • Reperations in five local healthcare institutions

Our goals in Madagascar and what we have archieved

Cap Anamur was engaged from feburary 2013 on Madagascar with the goal to improve the medical care in the two rural regions Bezaha and Fandriana.

1. Location Bezaha

The hospital in Bezaha and five health posts received medical, technical and construction support.

  • During the time was the main focus the exchange of knowledge and the practically oriented instruction and medical education of local personnel.
  • The focus of Cap Anamur also included structural enhancement of the surgery and the birthstation, as well as the to revive the departments for inner medicine and pediatrics.
  • The surgeryhallway, the only one in the reach of three ours of drive, was reorganized and with professional expertise renovated. With ultimately also led to a huge advance in the field of hygiene.
  • In a big accumulation of actions we have renovated further buildings, built new sanitary infrastructure, renovated and restructured the pharmacy and repaired the ambulance vehicle.

In 2015 all those constructonal work was completed and both hospitals were given back in the hands of the local collegues. They have aquired sufficient knowledge during the two years, to run the hospitals medically and administrationally on their own.

2. Location Fandriana:

The second place of work was located in the centre of the country in the town Fandriana.

  • Goal of the project there was the start of an operative team, especially focused on the realtively well-ran birthstation, so that in the future a safe cesarean section can be operated. Architect Andreas Tsukalas was in charge for the constructional operation, and the inaugoration was able to take place in 2015.

Our time in Madagascar.

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