17. October 2022 Project reports, Pakistan

Cap Anamur Board of Directors Undertakes Evaluation Trip to Pakistan

In early October, Cap Anamur's Chairman of the Board, Volker Rath, was in Pakistan for an evaluation trip. There, starting from the south of the country towards the north, he made an overview of the flood situation in order to check possibilities for our help.

Cap Anamur Vorstand Volker Rath unternimmt Anfang Oktober 2022 eine Evaluationsreise nach Pakistan
Volker Rath reports from his trip and gives an assessment of the situation:

Volker Rath reports from his trip and gives an assessment of the situation:
“A visit to the crisis area only hints at the enormity of the disaster. Many villages on the edge of the Hindu are still under water weeks later. The main roads west and east of the river are partially impassable, affecting aid deliveries. Much of the rural infrastructure, including health care centers, medicine stores, food stores, and smaller hospitals have been destroyed. It will take months for the water to drain away and the walls to dry out before any thought can be given to a new, then sustainable, construction or reconstruction.

The situation of malnutrition, already chronic before the flood, was exacerbated. Malaria case numbers are skyrocketing and drinking water supplies are not consistently stable, leading to an increase in diarrheal disease.

Cap Anamur helps with medicine delivery

People flee to the somewhat elevated areas and live with their last belongings in tents on the roadsides. They are provided with medicine, food and political news by the mainly local organizations. Winter is just around the corner.
In a first shipment of aid, Cap Anamur delivered medicines to local health care centers in the greater Dadu area of Sindh.”