Cap Anamur enabled 37 Afghan women to train as nurses

After three and a half turbulent years, 37 Afghan women have succeeded, passing their state nursing exam in our training course. And this despite both the Corona pandemic and regime change.

Our training program is aimed at women from the rural regions of Afghanistan

The women are of different ages, single, married, widowed, some have children. What they all have in common is that they come from rural regions of Afghanistan. During their training, they passed through many different departments at Herat Provincial Hospital and were taught theoretical knowledge in block classes.

The area of operations includes three provinces: Herat, Ghor and Badghiz. Like the previous midwifery training courses, the project is designed to enable graduates to return to their villages to establish or improve medical care in rural Afghanistan.

Cap Anamur hat 37 afghanischen Frauen eine Ausbildung zur Krankenpflegekraft ermöglicht
During their training, the women receive extensive practical knowledge

Cap Anamur has so far financed and organized shared accommodations, child care in its own kindergarten, meals and transportation between the workplace and the accommodation, as well as working materials and teachers’ salaries for the trainees.

There is an exam after each semester and only those who pass can continue in the course. Quality controls are carried out via the Kabul Ministry of Health, with audit teams traveling from the capital for this purpose. Of the original 44 women, 37 made it to the final exam and are understandably proud of their achievements. Due to the fact that the Provincial Hospital serves a very large area and the volume of patients is very high, the students can look back on a large pool of experience. They urgently need these for their work in their home villages. For there they are usually left to their own devices and carry out medical treatments on their own. In fact, they are often the only medical professionals serving the rural population for miles around. After all, there is still a lack of medical care in Afghanistan.

Cap Anamur ermöglicht afghanischen Frauen die Ausbildung zur Krankenpflegekraft
The women gain financial independence through their education

On average, women earn around $300 after graduation. Considering that the average teacher salary is around $150, their profession provides women with a solid income and financial independence.

Currently, a local team is in Kabul holding talks for us with the Taliban in charge about the next nursing course. This is because it is not yet clear whether we can continue to offer collective accommodation for the future trainees or whether male teaching staff may be used for the training. Even though officials say that in principle women are allowed to work in medical professions, our work has become more difficult due to archaic requirements of the new government.