22. February 2023 Project reports, Syria

Further aid for the victims of the earthquake in Aleppo

Cap Anamur brought a second shipment of aid to Aleppo for earthquake victims, last weekend. People still lack everything. They especially suffer from hunger and are defenceless against the cold.

Cap Anamur provides needs-based aid

During our first delivery to Aleppo on February 11, we were able to identify the acute needs of the affected people. In addition to food, families are in particularly urgent need of warm clothing for children, hygiene items, and diapers and food for infants. Therefore, our second shipment included these goods and 8 tons of food.

Cap Anamur chairman accompanies the second delivery to Aleppo

Volker Rath, chairman of the board of Cap Anamur, accompanied the 2nd delivery to Syria. On site, he made a personal impression of the situation in order to identify further assistance.

“I was able to accompany our second aid delivery to Aleppo this past weekend. The Lebanese and Syrian authorities were very cooperative and facilitated the procedure of crossing the border. The journey took us through a country devastated by war. The entire infrastructure is damaged. There is a shortage of everything. The severe earthquake has now hit the region even harder. Thousands of people have lost their homes and their, already little, belongings. They are faced with having nothing.

With a group of Syrian volunteers from Aleppo, Cap Anamur was able to organize first aid with the Lebanese team. We delivered and distributed warm clothes, blankets and especially food to the city. Hot meals are cooked in a former restaurant kitchen and brought to a nearby school, which is used as an emergency shelter for those affected.”

Around 2,000 people now regularly receive a hot meal.

We coordinate our relief efforts from Lebanon. There, Cap Anamur has been providing medical care for Syrian refugees in the Sidon area since 2016. Some of these families still have relatives in Syria, including in Aleppo. Therefore, it was also natural for some family members in Lebanon to help load the vans. They even gave small gifts and very personal donations to the drivers on their way to Aleppo.

In the Deutschlandfunk interview, our Chairman of the Board Volker Rath reports on our aid for the earthquake victims in Aleppo:


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