10. February 2021 Project reports, Afghanistan

Dialysis Gives Hope

In addition to the training program for nurses, Cap Anamur in Afghanistan also oversees the only state-run dialysis station in Herat.

In Herat Provincial Hospital, Cap Anamur supports the dialysis center by providing financial resources and technical equipment.

Since 2016, this has enabled us to provide vital treatment especially to people who cannot afford the cost-intensive dialysis procedure.

In 2020, the dialysis unit we support in Herat performed a total of 3895 dialyses, on 1245 patients, including 56 children and 424 women.

One of our patients is named Azizahmad, who is 35 years old, married with four children, and a teacher by profession. If Azizahmad could work, his monthly salary would be the equivalent of $100. It would cost the seriously ill man $30 per dialysis session at a private clinic. It is impossible for him to cover the costs of dialysis out of his own pocket. He and his family already live off the support of his family, as he is unable to work due to his illness.

Münster University Hospital donates two dialysis machines

At the beginning of the year, we were also able to send two more dialysis machines, a donation from Münster University Hospital, to Afghanistan. However, importation is a logistical challenge, as the current security situation particularly affects airports in Afghanistan. With the two new machines, we will be able to perform even more dialyses in the future. However, the need is much higher, as many people can only be dialyzed once a week. But with every dialysis, we give hope to sick people.

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