Andreas Tsukalas

On assignment as an architect in Somaliland

Andreas Tsukalas (Cap Anamur architect) talking to craftsmen.
Andreas Tsukalas (Cap Anamur architect) talking to craftsmen.


Andreas Tsukalas


50 years old



Country of operation


Duration of mission

12 months so far

My everyday life in the project

My everyday life in the project is very diverse and includes many major tasks and duties – plus a thousand little things. Besides planning and coordinating construction activities, I take care of coordination and contacts with the authorities as well as logistics in the project.

My spare time at the project:

In my free time I read a lot, took walks in the neighborhood, and communicated extensively with home.

I particularly apreciated:

The country is very impressive in its own way. The climate and the different landscape have a special charm and quickly imprint themselves on you. It was very exciting to Meet many new people and to live and work in a culture that was foreign to us.

I especcially missed:

My family.

My plans for the future:

Continue to work for good causes.

My best memories of my time on the project:

The first impressions left a particularly strong impression on me. You never forget the atmosphere and smells when you arrive at a new project.

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