Faisal Haidari

On assignment as project coordinator in Afghanistan


Faisal Haidari


41 years


Project coordinator

Country of operation


Duration of mission

since 2001

My everyday life in the project:

I really don’t have a classic “everyday life” in the project at all. As a project coordinator, various duties fall within my scope of responsibilities. This includes, but is not limited to, construction oversight, various cost negotiations, directing staff, purchasing medications and supplies, communicating and negotiating with government agencies, project visits, and billing.

My spare time at the project:

As soon as I have some time for myself, I try to exercise. Most of all I enjoy playing soccer or volleyball. Otherwise, I try to spend time with my family.

I particularly appreciated:

That Cap Anamur does not missionize and no funds are wasted.
I am also grateful for the trust that has been placed in me.

Visit from Germany
Besuch aus Deutschland: Der Geschäftsführer von Cap Anamur Bernd Göken (Mitte) und der Organisator Faisal Haidiri (2. v. l.) werden von der Direktorin Dr. Sayeda (links) und dem Leiter des Institutes Dr. Ararie (2. v. r.) durch die Unterrichtsklassen geführt.

I especially missed:

Since I am from Afghanistan, I am lucky to be able to work in the project and still have my family and friends close by.

My plans for the future:

As long as the security situation and my health allow it, I am committed to helping Cap Anamur in Afghanistan.

My best memories of my time on the project:

After so many years in the project with so many beautiful memories, it is really difficult to choose a favorite one. We have been able to make so much difference here in Afghanistan and help so many people.
A very special memory to me will always be the first time in Tahar with Rupert Neudeck and Andreas Herr.

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