Thorsten Kirsch

On assignment as a nurse in Somalia

Thorsten Kirsch


Thorsten Kirsch


47 years old



Country of operation


Duration of mission

6 months

My everyday life in the project

In Ainoba, Cap Anamur is currently expanding a small hospital with currently 40 beds. There, I worked in the medical field as a supervisor. This means that I have led training sessions in the area of hygiene and with associations, provided education on the misuse of antibiotics and the correct way to take medications, served as a liaison between physicians and the nursing staff, and was also responsible for our pharmacy.

My spare time at the project:

Besides sports my living quarters and listening to music, making music myself did me a world of good. I had my guitar with me, so I was able to write three new songs and learn new plucking techniques. Otherwise, I read a lot, meditated, and set up a small fireplace at the house where we sometimes sat by the fire in the evenings.

I especially appreciated:

… that I had a lot of freedom to contribute where I felt my potential lies. So I had a lot of opportunities to develop myself and also to learn a lot.

Thorsten Kirsch
Thorsten Kirsch (right)

I especcially missed:

The forest, the large bodies of water – especially Lake Constance – the rain, fresh apples, oat milk, various vegetables, and the green nature. After the time in dry and dusty Somalia, Germany seemed particularly green to me.

But what I missed most of all was my daughter!

My plans for the future:

I live in a community, and since we are planning a major remodel, this community needs my strength and attention in the near future.
I also promised my daughter that I wouldn’t go that far away from her again for the next two years. She is eight years old.

If I need a bigger challenge again, I can well imagine working with Cap Anamur, once more.

My fondest memory of working on the project:

That I now feel a connection to the people from Somaliland. And that it is possible, regardless of skin color, religion or any other beliefs, to make this world a little bit more livable together!

I have particularly grown fond of some of the people there and continue to keep in touch with them.

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