1. July 2024In Press review, General

“The Situation for Women in Afghanistan is Devastating”

Cap Anamur’s Managing Director, Bernd Göken, reports in an interview with Deutschlandfunk radio how the Cologne-based aid organization is able to train young Afghan women as nurses despite the restrictions on education and the ban on women working in Afghanistan.

“In talks with the Taliban, we were able to ensure that our last course was completed and that a new course with 40 women has now begun,” reports Bernd Göken on our training program in Afghanistan.

“The women in Afghanistan are suffering greatly from the loss of education,” says the Cap Anamur Managing Director, commenting on the fact that girls are only allowed to attend school up to the 6th grade.

In order to compensate for the lack of schooling that women will have in the future due to the ban on education, Cap Anamur is planning to extend the training course for nurses to 5 years.

Patients wait for treatment at the small clinic (Comprehensive Health Center) in Now Abad.

(Broadcast on 28.06.2024 on Deutschlandfunk Campus & Karriere)