1. February 2021 Project reports, Bangladesh

Project Coordinator Ensures Our Work on Site

In Bangladesh, Cap Anamur cooperates with four governmental and three non-governmental health facilities. This will provide free medical treatment for some of the poorest in the population.

Projektbesuch von Bernd Göken (Mitte, Geschäftsführer von Cap Anamur) – hier zusammen mit Teammitgliedern (rechts, Shabbir Ahmed, Projekt Koordinator) beim Rundgang mit der Direktorin Josna Ara (Mitte hinten) im Kheya Hashi Khushi Hospital in Shatkira.
On site, we work together with a local project coordinator who is in constant exchange with the cooperating health facilities.

Shabbir Ahmed has been working for Cap Anamur since 2008. Its responsibilities include providing medications and supplies to health care facilities. Because this is part of our collaborations. Shabbir Ahmed procures the material in Bangladesh and takes care of the logistics. This way, we also strengthen the regional economy and prevent long delivery routes.

Patienten im Hospital Khetlal in Joypurhat.
Cap Anamur provides not only the necessary medicines but also medical instruments and technical equipment for the hospitals.

In this way, we ensure adequate medical care for people in Bangladesh who would otherwise be excluded from the healthcare system.

Cap Anamur has masks produced locally and distributes them within the country

In addition, we have had a total of 90,000 masks distributed in Bangladesh since the middle of last year. The most recent figure was January 2021, when about 25,000 masks were sewn and distributed. Our local project coordinator took care of the production of the masks. We have had the masks produced by local tailors and staff distribute them at the sites of the cooperating health facilities.

Because also the masks, which are especially in times of the Covid pandemic an important measure against the virus, are not affordable for the poorest.