1. November 2022 Project reports, Ukraine

Bomb Shelters for Schools in Western Ukraine

Since September, face-to-face teaching has again been taking place in schools in Ukraine, where the security situation allows it. However, schools must have a bomb shelter in place in order to resume classes. Therefore, Cap Anamur has set up protective shelters for students in Novoselytsia, in the west of the country.

Cap Anamur baut Schutzräume für Schulen in der Ukraine
The Ukrainian schools must have an indoor shelter

In order for the schools in Ukraine to be able to offer the children school lessons in presence again, they must either have a bomb shelter or be able to use a room, in the immediate vicinity of the school, which can be visited in the event of an air raid alert.

Cap Anamur baut in der Ukraine Schutzräume für Schulen
Cap Anamur baut in der Ukraine Schutzräume für Schulen
Shelters for schools in Novoselytsia

In Novoselytsia, our location for the current emergency aid in Ukraine, the schools do not have an adequate space. Therefore, in consultation with the school authorities, we have just reconstructed bomb shelters for school children. This is the only way schools will be able to offer face-to-face classes again.
To this end, we renovated and equipped rooms in a building not far from a school to provide shelter for teachers and children in the event of an air raid. School desks, sanitary facilities and heaters were installed in the rooms. This allows those seeking shelter to stay in the basement for an extended period of time.

Cap Anamur baut in der Ukraine Schutzräume für Schulen
Cap Anamur baut in der Ukraine Schutzräume für Schulen
In case of emergency, the school children in Novoselytsia are protected

In addition, basic food, water and a first aid kit are available. A nurse, who is part of the school staff in Ukraine, is able to provide first aid in an emergency. We also distributed first aid kits to another 21 schools so that they could be used to equip the shelters.

For the students, the opportunity to return to school provides some normalcy and structure that the children desperately need during this difficult time.
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