21. November 2022 Project reports, Sudan

Cap Anamur builds a school in the Nuba Mountains

Recently, we have been working on the reconstruction of a dilapidated school at our project site in Sudan.

Cap Anamur ist seit 1997 im Sudan tätig. Dort betreiben wir ein Krankenhaus in den Nuba Bergen

The community of the Sudanese village of Lwere began constructing the school buildings three years ago. However, at that time there was a lack of funds to complete the construction. Therefore, the school was never completely finished. In addition, heavy rains during the recent rainy season damaged most of the previous classrooms. The community currently still lacks funds to rebuild the destroyed buildings on its own.

This is why Cap Anamur decided to support the reconstruction.

For the construction work, the appropriate building materials were procured and provided to craftsmen. Together with workers from the region, the buildings are now being renovated. The walls are built more stable and a solid roof structure is attached.

Cap Anamur has been providing medical aid in Sudan since 1997

The Nuba Mountains are a difficult to access region in the south of Sudan. The area’s infrastructure has been severely damaged by years of civil war. Therefore, Cap Anamur built a hospital in Lwere in 1997. We still operate this today and actively provide medical assistance.

There are also very few schools in this remote area. Moreover, these mostly consist of dilapidated huts. Therefore, students are often taught outdoors. This, in turn, is possible only in the summer. Therefore, classes are often cancelled during the rainy season.

A new school for the Nuba Mountains

The newly constructed school building in Lwere, is therefore built in a stable construction and with a solid roof.

Until the next rainy season, with the help of the village community, we can provide a solid building for the elementary school in Lwere. Then the students can be taught even during the rainy season.