9. October 2023 Project reports, Afghanistan

Emergency Aid for the Earthquake Victims in Afghanistan

Cap Anamur / German Emergency Doctors immediately provides emergency medical aid for the earthquake victims in Afghanistan

Cap Anamur leistete medizinische Nothilfe für die Erdbebenopfer in Afghanistan
We are currently providing emergency medical aid to earthquake victims in Shade.

The severe earthquakes that struck Afghanistan over the weekend caused devastating destruction in Herat province, and especially in the region around the city of Shade.
Cap Anamur / German Emergency Doctors e.V. has been working in Afghanistan for over 20 years and in Herat since 2009. There we run a training institute for Afghan women to become nurses.

Now the numerous victims of the earthquake need our help.

Das Erdbeben in Afghanistan hat zu verheerenden Zerstörungen in der Region Herat geführt
Cap Anamur built a hospital in the affected region in 2012 – it survived the earthquake

In Shade, the epicenter of the earthquakes, the Cologne-based aid organization built a hospital in 2012. Fortunately, the quakes did not destroy this health care facility because we built the building to be earthquake-resistant.

The scale of destruction in the Shade region is catastrophic

But the surrounding villages, where most of the dwellings are made of clay, were completely destroyed.

Hundreds of people search for injured and survivors in the rubble. The hospital in Shade is completely overloaded, more injured people are constantly being brought in.
A Cap Anamur medical team from Herat has been on site today to get an overview of the situation. We support the care of the injured in Shade Hospital with medical supplies and our medical staff from Herat. However, the number of victims is expected to continue to rise.

Cap Anamur also provided medical supplies for victims at the regional hospital in Herat

Injured people from the earthquake have also been admitted to the regional hospital in Herat. We have provided sufficient material and personnel for medical care. Even our trainees are currently helping to care for those affected.

More relief supplies for the earthquake victims

We are currently preparing further emergency measures. The people of the Shade region have lost everything. In addition, Afghanistan is already in the midst of a humanitarian catastrophe. The supply situation has been steadily deteriorating since the Taliban took power. Therefore, in addition to emergency medical aid, we will focus on the delivery of relief supplies.

With your donation you support the urgently needed help for the earthquake victims in Afghanistan! Please include the payment reference “AFGHANISTAN”. Thank you very much!