8. February 2023 Project reports, Syria

Emergency relief and care for earthquake victims in northern Syria

The devastating earthquake in the Syrian-Turkish border region has already claimed more than 10,000 lives in the first two days. While international aid is already starting in the Turkish areas, people in the Syrian regions are receiving hardly any help.

Cap Anamur leistet Nothilfe für die Erdbebenopfer in Syrien (Archivbild von 2013)
The people in Syria urgently need help

Therefore, Cap Anamur has decided to provide relief supplies to the earthquake victims in the northern regions of Syria. Since the border crossings from Turkey to Syria cannot be used, we enter the country via Lebanon.

Cap Anamur coordinates aid to Syria from Lebanon

We are using our resources in Lebanon to deliver aid to Syria. Since 2016, we have been providing medical care for Syrian refugees in the Sidon area. Our Lebanese team is currently organizing relief supplies such as tents, blankets and food. Thus, more than 12 tons of urgently needed goods will be transported to Syria in the next few days.

Aid for earthquake victims in the Aleppo region

Our aid should reach the people in the region around Aleppo. The supply situation in Syria is very complicated, and not just because of the earthquake.

We are already familiar with the tense situation in the country from previous years.

Cap Anamur was already active in Syria from 2012 – 2018. We have provided medical care to Syrian internally displaced persons by operating two polyclinics and several underground clinics to provide medical care. When the safety conditions no longer permitted our work in the country, we operated a container clinic in the Jordanian border area near a refugee settlement.

The Executive Director of Cap Anamur on the situation in Syria

“We have received numerous calls for help from the Aleppo region. Many people have died, houses have collapsed. Many Syrian families in Lebanon or Germany report about deceased relatives. We have received reports from the affected region that there is a lack of everything and that hardly any help is being provided. The situation is aggravated by the low temperatures. Conditions in the earthquake zone are catastrophic. Under the difficult political conditions, humanitarian aid must be granted rapid access. People need international help now to survive in this emergency situation.”

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