19. December 2022 Project reports, Sudan

Inauguration of the new emergency room in the Nuba Mountains

Last week, the time had finally come - the new emergency room at Cap Anamur Hospital in Sudan was inaugurated. After a seven-month construction period, the new building was completed in November. Solemnly the hospital team celebrated the inauguration.

After seven months the construction work is completed

In April of this year, the foundation of the new emergency room was first built in the center of the hospital complex. By the start of the rainy season, which began at the end of June, the outer walls and roof of the new building were erected.

During the rainy season, until the end of October, all work was carried out indoors. The floor was poured and the walls plastered and painted. At the end of the construction work, our technician Andreas then reinstalled the electrical system in the entire building.

Finally, the interior furnishings such as beds and medical equipment were delivered.

The inauguration was solemnly celebrated

The hospital team turned out for the opening ceremony last week. Together with our project staff and under the guidance of the clinic director Joseph, the building was then inaugurated.
The new emergency room will enable us to provide medical care to even more patients in the future.
Another construction project will be completed next year. The old emergency room will then be converted into patient rooms.

Continuous optimization of hospital operations

Cap Anamur has been running the hospital in the Nuba Mountains for 25 years. Periodically, it is structurally modernized or new buildings are erected. This means that the steadily increasing number of patients can be better cared for. Because with all the construction measures that have been carried out and those that are planned, we will be able to significantly increase the capacity of the hospital. And medical care in the region will be optimized in the long term as a result.