21. September 2023 Project reports, Afghanistan

Medical Care in Afghanistan – Cap Anamur Performs Over 3,895 Dialyses Annually

Since 2016, Cap Anamur has been supporting the dialysis unit at the provincial hospital in Herat. We provide financial resources and technical equipment for the operation. With this support, we are improving medical care in Afghanistan.

Seit 2016 unterstützt Cap Anamur die Dialysestation im Provinzhospital Herat, um die medizinische Versorgung zu verbessern.
Free dialysis treatment at Herat’s only state-run dialysis center.

In Afghanistan’s second largest city, Herat, there is only this one state-run dialysis center. Through our support, people who cannot afford treatment in private facilities can receive treatment free of charge. We provide the financial means for these treatments and supply the station with materials. In early 2021, we were able to bring two new dialysis machines to Afghanistan, enabling us to provide vital treatment to even more people. As a result, 3,895 dialysis patients can be treated each year.

Recently, our project coordinator was in Afghanistan to review our work on the ground. While there, he also visited the dialysis unit.

During his visit, he met 16-year-old Gulam, who has just undergone dialysis. The young Afghan told him how his illness is affecting him and his family.

Life-saving treatments for young Gulam

As the eldest son, Gulam is actually co-responsible for taking care of his parents and five siblings. However, due to his illness, he is unable to work. On the contrary, his parents even have an additional burden as a result. This is because the 16-year-old is unable to have all his treatments carried out in the ward sponsored by Cap Anamur. The rush is so great on many days that he has to go to paid dialysis at least once a week. For his parents, this is an enormous additional expense. The whole family had already moved to Herat because of his illness, in order to be able to take advantage of the free treatment in the provincial hospital, reports the young Afghan.
“On the one hand, I’m sad that I’m such a burden on my family, but on the other hand, I’m immensely grateful that I can come to the Cap Anamur dialysis station at least twice a week. Because I have no hope at all for a new kidney.”

The need for free dialysis is constantly increasing

Like Gulam, about 180 women and men, as well as children, are able to access free dialysis treatment in Herat each month. But the need is steadily increasing as people in Afghanistan become increasingly unable to afford medical care.

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