16. March 2023 Project reports, Mozambique

Reconstruction successfully completed – Cap Anamur now supports operation of medical facilities

In Mozambique, we began rebuilding two medical facilities last year. Construction work has now been successfully completed. The next step is to support these healthcare facilities with deployed healthcare professionals.

We provided reconstruction assistance at two locations

In Nacobe and Quissange, in the province of Cabo Delgado, the medical facilities, were destroyed in terrorist attacks that lasted three years.

Many people have left Cabo Delgado province due to the terrorist violence and have fled to the western regions of Mozambique. After the terrorists withdrew from Cabo Delgado, the destroyed infrastructure had to be rebuilt. So that the internally displaced persons could return to their homes. Cap Anamur has helped with this reconstruction.

Cap Anamur hat beim Wiederaufbau von zwei medizinischen Gesundheitseinrichtungen in Mosambik geholfen
The medical facilities have already resumed operations

We completely renovated the hospital in Quissange, which had been destroyed by fires. We have provided missing equipment so that operations can be resumed. We have partly rebuilt the health care post in Nacobe and renovated and refurnished the remaining buildings (we reported in the news of 08 August 2022)

Operations have already resumed at both facilities. They are now well attended again, as people have returned to their villages. We can now provide basic medical care for them.

Gesundheitsposten in Nacobe
Krankenhaus in Quissange

Unfortunately, the security situation in the northern regions of Mozambique is still difficult. There are still sporadic attacks on villages and civilians. It is therefore all the more important that we now offer the population on-site medical care. This is because they are no longer forced to travel long distances, for example to the provincial capital of Pemba. These routes could be dangerous under certain circumstances due to the tense security situation. This is particularly important for the medical care of children. This is because many families shy away from long and dangerous journeys to have their children treated for illnesses. They are therefore more likely to take the trips to nearby health care posts.

Cap Anamur sends medical professionals to Mozambique

Our medical professionals will support the operation of both facilities in the future. This allows many processes and treatments to be optimized. We also supply the two sites with medicines and medical equipment to further improve operations.

Our work on site is coordinated by our project staff member Michael Schlüssel. He has already implemented many projects for Cap Anamur in Africa, most recently our aid after the devastating cyclone Idai (see News)