COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign in the Central African Republic

In the Central African Republic, the population was not vaccinated against COVID-19 until recently. Cap Anamur has now been commissioned by the Ministry of Health to coordinate a vaccination campaign in the Bossembélé area.

Two weeks ago, we started administering the approximately 2,500 vaccine doses provided at our hospital in Bossembélé. Large-scale informative measures were used to inform people about the campaign.

Initially, only 1,500 vaccine doses were planned for the Bossembélé district. However, the response from the public was so great that an additional 1,000 doses were made available.

A total of 1,559 men and women were vaccinated at Cap Anamur Hospital. Vaccination priority 1 here is 50+, as the average age in the country is 53. Therefore, we also vaccinated significantly more people under the age of 50 during the campaign.

In our outposts in Boali and Yaloke, we carried out the campaign just as successfully. Here, we were able to vaccinate a total of 1,195 people.

The numbers of vaccine doses available are low compared to those in Europe.

To date, only 80,000 vaccine doses have been provided to the Central African Republic from the COVAX international aid program. With a total population of 4.83 million, this means that only 1.65% of the population can be vaccinated.

However, another 500,000 vaccine doses are to be delivered for the country. Unfortunately it is yet unknown when this will happen.

Cap Anamur will then again take care of the implementation of the urgently needed vaccinations at the Bossembélé hospital.

"COVAX Program in Central Africa"

You can see a report in ZDF heute about the current vaccination campaign here!

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