30. April 2024 Lebanon, Project reports

Mobile Clinic in Lebanon: Often the Only Medical Care Option

Most of the 1.5 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon live below the poverty line. Excluded from the healthcare system, they can barely afford medical treatment. Cap Anamur therefore supports the medical care of Syrian refugees with a mobile clinic.

Die mobile Klinik von Cap Anamur ist für viele syrische Geflüchtete die einzige medizinische Versorgungsmöglichkeit
Syrian refugees are not supported by the state

In the Lebanese city of Sidon, Syrian families live scattered throughout the city, in ruined buildings, containers or tents between fruit and vegetable plantations. Wherever they find work. They are then given accommodation as payment instead of a wage. Several family members usually help to support them, as the refugees are largely on their own. Excluded from the health and social system, they have no protection. They have to pay for medical treatment themselves. This is hardly possible due to the prevailing poverty.

Im Libanon leben die syrischen Geflüchteten in Wohnstätten verteilt im ganzen Land
Cap Anamur provides Syrian refugees with a mobile clinic

Cap Anamur therefore offers one of the few opportunities for free medical care in the form of a mobile clinic that visits Syrian homes on a rotating basis.

Our doctor Dr. Abu Daesh and the nurse Hiba drive to the residences. They are usually already expected by many people. After initial treatment by the doctor, they can then collect prescribed medication from the nurse. For further treatment, they are referred to hospitals or specialists. We then cover the costs and often also the transportation to further treatment.

When families with disabled children come to us, the doctor refers them to our physiotherapy practice. They then receive therapy tailored to their needs, whether physiotherapy, speech therapy or psychosocial therapy

Mit einer mobilen Klinik versorgt Cap Anamur die syrischen Geflüchteten in den Wohnstätten im Raum Sidon
More and more Lebanese families need our support

Lebanon has been experiencing a severe government and economic crisis for years. As a result, more and more Lebanese are falling into poverty. We have therefore also extended our help to some Lebanese families. We treat their children in the physiotherapy practice and help them with food distribution, because with the mobile clinic we come into contact with Lebanese and Syrian families who, due to their economic situation, can no longer even afford enough food. The cost of living in Lebanon has been rising significantly for years.

Immer mehr libanesische Familien versorgt Cap Anamur mit Lebensmittelpaketen
Fighting has been raging in the south of Lebanon for months

Since October 7, the war between Israel and Gaza has spread to the south of Lebanon. There are now daily exchanges of fire between the Israeli army and Hezbollah, which has a strong presence in the south of the country. More than 10,000 people have fled the fighting. Many have also found refuge in the Sidon area. We have organized medical consultations and food distributions for them.

Mittlerweile versorgt Cap Anamur auch libanesische Familien mit der mobilen Klinik