15. December 2022 Project reports, Sudan

Cap Anamur continuously trains local employees

In our hospital in Sudan, dispatched medical professionals work to care for patients. In addition, they train and develop the approximately 90 local employees so that they regularly receive new knowledge. This will enable us to steadily improve medical care in the Nuba Mountains.

Medical professionals train the staff on site

Simon has been in the Nuba Mountains as a surgeon since May. There he performs surgeries. He is assisted in his work by the local medical staff. The operating room assistant Yahya in particular proved to be very adept at this. The young Nuba impressed with manual dexterity and surgical as well as anatomical knowledge. Therefore, Simon, in consultation with our Clinical Officer Joseph, decided to train Yahya surgically.

Joseph was trained for years by Cap Anamur

Joseph has worked as a clinic manager at our hospital for over 12 years. He handles all upcoming surgeries and surgical procedures that are not performed by our dispatched physicians. He has received his medical knowledge and skills from our staff over the years. But he can’t be on duty 365 days a year, so we have to train more skilled workers.

Now Yahya has already been receiving further training from our surgeon Simon and the clinic manager Joseph for over three months. In the meantime, he has been trained so well that he can already perform operations independently. Simon assists him and is impressed by his skills. “Yahya has shown himself to be particularly talented as an OR aide. Therefore, I worked out a training concept in close consultation with him and Joseph, the head of surgery. His training has been running for a good 3 months now, which he receives from both me and Joseph in the form of accompanied operations. The result is impressive and promising. He operates with such skill and finesse that I often only need to assist him.“

Increasing number of operations can now be performed faster

We have been expanding our medical facility in the Nuba Mountains for 25 years. With two outposts within a 100-kilometer radius, it can now provide medical care to more than 200,000 patients a year. After surgical training, Yahya will be able to perform upcoming surgeries independently in the future. This will enable us to cover medical care in the hospital and the two outposts even better.