6. April 2022 Project reports, Ukraine

Cap Anamur Emergency Aid in Ukraine – Action Radius Extended to Kyiv

Our emergency aid in Ukraine has initially focused on the southern region around the city of Novoselytsia. There, we have been supplying the regional hospitals within a radius of 200 kilometers with medical consumables since mid-March. Since last week, we have now extended our radius of action to Kyiv, 500 kilometers away.

Small shipments to the contested areas

We organize our emergency aid in close consultation with the city administrations of the Ukrainian districts. In recent weeks, a close network has been established between the mayors’ offices in the country, which has enabled us to extend our assistance to other regions. In our central warehouse in Novoselytsia, the required goods are compiled according to the demand lists and prepared for transport. For security reasons, the relief supplies are being transported to the affected areas in vans. So far, the following locations have been visited: Kyiv (3 transports), Borzna, Mariupol, Mykolaiv, Chernihiv and Kharkiv.

Volker Rath (rechts, Vorstandsvorsitzender Cap Anamur und Projektkoordinator Ukraine) hier beim Umladen der Hilfsgüter für die Bevölkerung in Kiew (3 Tonnen Hilfsgüter: Mehl, Bulgur, Reis, Nudeln und Öl). Ukraine-Cap Anamur-Hilfe und Versorgung für Kriegsflüchtlinge
Three tons of relief supplies for Kyiv

At the end of March, we also brought a large shipment of urgently needed food to Kyiv. The supply situation in the Ukrainian capital is becoming more catastrophic by the day Among the three tons of food were rice, flour, semolina and oil.

Hilfsgütertransport für die Bevölkerung in Kiew (3 Tonnen Hilfsgüter: Mehl, Bulgur, Reis, Nudeln und Öl) Ukraine-Cap Anamur-Hilfe und Versorgung für Kriegsflüchtlinge
Surgical material for the regional hospital in Vasylkiw

We have also established close contact with the municipality of Vasylkiv, a city 30 kilometers south of Kyiv. After an online meeting with the local mayor, an extended transport of surgical supplies was organized for the regional hospital. In addition to long-term medications such as insulin, circulatory medications or thyroid long-term medications, the shipment also included a large amount of bandages and antibiotic syrup for children. We made our way to Vasylkiv via surreptitious routes in vans, as larger transport vehicles would have been too risky in the current security situation. The city is under regular missile attack and the number of civilian casualties is constantly increasing. With our help, we contribute to maintaining the medical infrastructure in this city as well.

Our efforts on the ground are best supported by means of donations! Please include the designated use “UKRAINE”. Thank you!