Cap Anamur Launches New Training Course for Women in Afghanistan

The lives of women in Afghanistan are increasingly restricted. Nevertheless, we will soon be able to start a new training course for Afghan women.

Cap Anamur bildet Frauen in Afghanistan zu Krankenpflegekräften aus
Cap Anamur bildet seit

Ever since the Taliban came to power in August 2021, women’s rights in Afghanistan have been continuously reduced. Girls are only allowed to attend school up to the 6th grade and women are prohibited from attending university. Many Afghan women have had to give up their professions altogether because they are not allowed to work in the field.

Increase of restrictions for Afghan women

According to a recent UN report, women’s rights in Afghanistan are currently being further restricted. The increasing exclusion from education, work and public life leads to a catastrophic situation for women in the country. In addition, there is a growing shortage of medical personnel to maintain health care. This is because in Afghanistan, women can only be treated by women.

Cap Anamur-Ausbildung Frauen in Afghanistan
Cap Anamur trains women as nurses despite massive restrictions

We have been able to continue our training program for Afghan women to become nurses, despite all the restrictions imposed by the authorities. In the spring of 2023, 37 trainees from the previous course passed their exams (we reported in our post of May 24, 2023). The graduates have already gone back to their home villages to provide medical care for the villagers. In this way, we partially cover health care in rural regions.

A new training course for 40 Afghan women will begin soon

We have now even managed to arrange for another training course to take place this year. Interviews and entrance examinations are currently being held for female applicants from three Afghan provinces. Once these are completed, 40 women will begin their three-year training at our institute. Contrary to all current restrictions, our trainees are allowed to live in a nurses’ home and mothers are also allowed to place their children in an affiliated after-school care center. This allows them to focus entirely on their training.

Cap Anamur-Ausbildung Frauen in Afghanistan
Our training gives women hope for a better life

Even though we cannot foresee how the situation of women in Afghanistan will develop in the future and we observe all restrictions with concern, we try to give the women a little hope for a better life with our training program.

The effects of the restrictions currently in place will not become apparent for years. It can be assumed that fewer and fewer women will then be able to pursue medical professions and that the supply situation for girls and women could collapse completely. We try to prevent this as best we can.

Cap Anamur bildet Frauen in Afghanistan zu Krankenpflegekräften aus. Damit verbessern wir die medizinische Versorgung in den ländlichen Regionen.