6. March 2023 Project reports, Sudan

Malnourished children receive special treatment

At the Cap Anamur Hospital in Sudan, we recently opened a dedicated ward for malnourished children. Because these little patients require very special treatment. In the future, we will be able to provide them with intensive care in separate rooms.

A dedicated ward for malnourished children

We are constantly adapting our hospital in Sudan to current requirements through construction measures. Therefore, we have now opened a separate ward for malnourished children. We treat up to 8 children a month, usually more during the rainy season, who are severely malnourished. These children are often admitted to our hospital in very poor health. Their weakened bodies are usually no longer able to fight off infections. In some children, malnutrition can also lead to organ failure, if not adequately treated.

Under constant medical supervision, the malnourished children are intensively cared for

Therefore, such children must be under constant observation. Previously, malnourished children were cared for within inpatient treatments in the pediatric ward. With the new malnutrition ward we have created a quiet and warm space. Several beds are now available for intensive care so that the focus is entirely on the young patients. Specially trained medical personnel are employed here. The relevant training was provided by our dispatched healthcare professionals.

With a coordinated nutrition plan, our nurses care for the children. Very gently, they are first given highly concentrated nutritional pastes. With these, they get all the nutrients they need and they can slowly get used to the food intake. In a separate monitoring room, the girls and boys are regularly weighed and medically examined. This intensive care is so important for the children to develop in the best possible way.

Care even after the stay in the hospital

After their stay in the hospital, children must continue to come for regular checkups. Every three weeks they are weighed and their state of health is checked. This allows us to monitor developments over the long term and intervene in time, if necessary.
With our new malnutrition ward, we offer ideal care to malnourished girls and boys and everyone benefits from the continuous care situation.