23. February 2023 Project reports, Ukraine

One year of war in Ukraine – Cap Anamur continues to provide emergency medical aid

Cap Anamur has been active in the Ukraine since the beginning of the war. We support medical care for the population nationwide. We regularly supply hospitals with medicines, medical consumables and equipment. And our aid continues.

For a year now, people in Ukraine have been experiencing unimaginable suffering due to the war. Many millions of people have fled within the country or abroad. The supply situation is precarious throughout the country. Especially now in the winter, people have no heaters in many places due to lack of electricity and the destruction of the energy infrastructure. They are at the mercy of winter temperatures in some places.

Cap Anamur has been providing emergency aid in Ukraine since the war began

First, we brought relief supplies, such as food and medicine, into the country. Our first destination was Novoselytsia in the west of the country. We immediately set up a logistics center there, from which we have been coordinating our aid ever since. In the course of our work, we have built up a solid network of contacts throughout the country. This enables us to quickly identify the immediate needs for medical consumables, medicines and technical equipment for hospitals. We then use small vans to deliver to the appropriate medical facilities.

We supply hospitals with medical devices and surgical equipment

In particular, medical facilities in the east of the country and along the front lines are virtually cut off from the usual supply routes due to the ongoing warfare and the security situation.
Therefore, we regularly supply the hospitals in Kramatorsk, Pokrovské and Dnipro.
Last year, we distributed the following medical equipment to the various facilities:
• 4 ultrasound devices
• 9 Operating tables
• Defibrillators
• Incubators
• Surgical equipment for the treatment of severely injured patients

Most recently, we brought an urgently needed X-ray machine to Dnipro. Thanks to our good network, we manage to maintain the flow of supplies despite the sometimes precarious security situation.

Winter aid for the Kharkiv region

In the Ukrainian town of Izyum, we have been supporting private households and the local hospital with heating stoves and other relief supplies since November 2022. Izyum was captured by Russian forces in March 2022. Since the end of September, the city has been liberated again, but large parts were heavily destroyed in bombing raids.
The village of Kamyanka was also almost completely destroyed during the Russian occupation. Only a few people, mostly old women and men, still live there in the ruins of their houses.
We have provided these winter kits for them:
• 15 wood burning stoves with attached cooking facilities
• a power generator
• a power station
• Blankets
• Sleeping bags
• Cookware
• Mugs
• Drinking containers
• as well as cans of meat for several weeks

Cap Anamur continues to provide emergency aid in Ukraine

Our support for Ukraine will continue in the future, because there is no end in sight to the war. We will continue to supply hospitals as needed. In the future, even more families are to be supplied with urgently needed relief supplies. For everyday necessities are lacking everywhere. We focus especially on older people who are not able to leave their home villages. In addition, families whose fathers are on the front lines and the mothers have to take care of the children alone.
Another major project is the acquisition of a CT scanner, which we are currently trying to procure.

Our efforts on the ground are best supported by means of donations! Please include the designated use “UKRAINE”. Thank you!