8. May 2023 Project reports, Sudan

“There is a serious risk that the whole region will disintegrate”.

Interview in the Berliner Zeitung with Bernd Göken, Managing Director of Cap Anamur / German Emergency Doctors e.V., about the current situation in Sudan.

Projektbesuch von Bernd Göken (Geschäftsführer von Cap Anamur), hier mit Schulkindern vor dem Cap Anamur Healthcenter in Debbi. Seit dem Jahr 1997 betreibt Cap Anamur ein Hospital und mehrere Gesundheitsstationen in den Nubabergen.
Bernd Göken reports in the Berliner Zeitung on the current situation in Sudan.

On 04/26 the executive director of Cap Anamur left for a project trip to the Nuba Mountains, despite the fighting in the capital Karthum. The Cologne-based aid organization has been operating a hospital and three other health care facilities there since 1997.

In an interview with the Berliner Zeitung, he takes a closer look at the political situation in Sudan.

Bernd Göken has known the country for over 20 years. In his opinion, the renewed fighting between the current rulers could destroy hopes for peace. The country has suffered from armed conflicts between the government and rebel groups on and off for decades. But the people of Sudan want nothing more than peace at long last.

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