18. December 2020 Project reports, Sierra Leone

Hygiene in Corona Times – In Sierra Leone, This Is Possible Through Our Efforts.

Since 2014, Cap Anamur has been managing a total of nine toilet and shower blocks in the slums of Sierra Leone's capital. These are especially important resources during the Corona pandemic.

Washing container with soap in front of one of the 10 toilet houses.
Waschbehälter mit Seife vor einem der 10 Toilettenhäusern.
There is a lack of clean water in the slums

In the slums of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, clean water is scarce, despite the proximity to the sea. The slums are a crowded collection of shacks, hovels, and dilapidated houses built on and among piles of garbage. Between them runs a completely filthy river spur, clogged and polluted by everyday garbage, and in which the pets wallow.

The water quality is accordingly poor. There is no running water in the households. Therefore, toilet houses have been established, where the slum dwellers can do their daily needs.

Cap Anamur already started a hygiene project in 2014 during the Ebola epidemic

In 2014, Cap Anamur included ten of these toilet houses in its hygiene project. At that time, Ebola was rampant and Cap Anamur was the only aid organization left in the country. The wash houses were staffed by Ebola survivors. To this day, the houses are cleaned daily and the users are reminded of the important hygiene measures, such as washing their hands. We regularly renovate the wash houses so that they can continue to be used.

By enabling daily hygiene, Cap Anamur is helping to contain the Corona virus in Sierra Leone.

With the advent of Corona, sanitation facilities have again become important in containing the virus. Because they serve the slum dwellers for daily hygiene. In some cases, people can only wash their hands here.
During the first phase of the Corona pandemic, we further strengthened hygiene measures. We provided hand washing stations to families whose children are also cared for by our social workers at the Pikin Paddy Street Children’s Shelter.

Donate a monthly hygiene package for the cleaning of a toilet house with 53 euros.

The hygiene package contains: Gloves, chlorin, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, hand washing soap