19. December 2023In Press review

Interview with Cap Anamur Co-Founder Christel Neudeck

Our founder Christel Neudeck in an interview with Matthias Bertsch on rbb Radio

Christel Neudeck tells of the founding of the aid organization Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V., which is still active today.

Rupert Neudeck and his wife chartered the ship Cap Anamur in 1979 to rescue Vietnamese refugees in the South China Sea. Thousands were fleeing from the communist government of Vietnam in completely overcrowded boats.

With the Cap Anamur, the couple, together with volunteers, rescued more than 10,000 people from death and political persecution by 1987.

In the interview, she talks about how the Vietnamese refugees settled in Germany and how close the connection between the rescued people and Cap Anamur still is today.

She also describes some of the missions carried out by the Cologne-based aid organization over the last 40 years. She describes how important it is in development aid to involve the people who need help so that the aid has a long-term effect.

She gives very personal insights into her life, which was shaped by her work for the aid organization and is still part of her everyday life today. She now describes herself as the grandmother of the organization.

Bild: dpa/Marijan Murat
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(Broadcast on 17.12.2023 on rbb radio in the program ‘Das Gespräch’)