18. August 2022 Project reports, Ukraine

A Close Network of Local Partners Is the Basis of Our Emergency Aid

In the five months that Cap Anamur has been providing emergency aid in Ukraine, we have built a solid network of local partners. These include responsible persons from the city administrations, logisticians, but also medical professionals who play an essential role in shaping our work.

In close exchange with our partners, we can precisely determine the need for medical material

In the hospital in Kramatorsk, the surgeon Jaroslav in particular has turned out to be an important pillar of our work. Jaroslav is part of a team of eight doctors who have been working continuously since the outbreak of the war. He is primarily responsible for one of the two surgical departments. Together with Costa, the head of the medical department, the young Ukrainian is in constant exchange with Cap Anamur. This allows us to determine the hospital’s needs immediately and send appropriate supplies on their way as quickly as possible.

With our help, the operation of the hospital can be maintained

The hospital is now considered an essential first-aid hospital near the front line. Among others, severely injured people from the combat line 20 kilometers away are brought there. But the number of civilian casualties, from surrounding villages that are being shelled with increasing intensity, is also rising.
Cap Anamur has been in close contact with the hospital for about two months. As we have only expanded our radius of action into eastern Ukraine in the course of the emergency relief operation. Since then, we have been able to supply the hospital ourselves several times. However, we also make use of transport trips by other, mostly private, initiatives to maintain the flow of supplies.

So far, we have supplied essential medicines and surgical materials and instruments. To ensure that work can be carried out smoothly in the constantly busy operating rooms, we also supplied surgical lamps, magnifying glasses and sterilizers.

A close network now extends across the entire country

We are also connected with other hospitals throughout the country. In Vasylkiv, for example, we work closely with the hospital management, Dr. Lidia. In this hospital, in addition to providing medicines and instruments, we have also set up a Cap Anamur pharmacy. There, internally displaced persons are provided with urgently needed medicines free of charge.

This close network of people and partners is the basis for our work and ensures that our aid will continue to reach where it is most urgently needed in the future.
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