After Conflicts in Mozambique – Reopening of the Third Health Post

Cap Anamur aids reconstruction efforts in Mozambique. The armed conflicts in the north of the country have destroyed many hospitals.

Cap Anamur hilft beim Wiederaufbau in Mosambik. Durch die bewaffneten Konflikte im Norden des Landes wurden viele Krankenhäuser zerstört.
Cap Anamur participates in the reconstruction of the destroyed hospitals

In the Cap Delgado region, armed conflicts over the past 5 years have led to the destruction of infrastructure and the flight of hundreds of thousands of people. In 2022, terrorist attacks were successfully contained so that reconstruction could begin. In order to also ensure the return of the population and their medical care, we have dedicated ourselves to the reconstruction of destroyed healthcare facilities (more information about the project)

Reopening of the third health post in Mozambique

Last week, we ceremoniously reopened the third healthcare post. We have already put two other medical facilities back into operation in the spring (News from 03/16/2023).

The healthcare post in Mahatje has been badly damaged by arson attacks. We started renovation work in the spring of this year. With the reopening, medical care for the returning population can now be extended further and further.

Wiedereröffnung des dritten Gesundheitsposten in Mosambik
Wiedereröffnung des dritten Gesundheitsposten in Mosambik

The two healthcare facilities in Nacobe and Quissange are now seeing increasing numbers of patients. Shortly after the reopening of the two facilities, people still kept their distance, as the security situation was very tense until then. In the meantime, the situation has improved significantly. More than 1,100 patients were treated at the Nacoba health post last month, and around 27 children were born in the maternity ward. In Quissanga, more than 3,000 people have visited the medical facility.

Medical professionals support the work at the healthcare posts

Currently our nurse Lukas is in Mozambique to support the work in the medical facilities. He assists the medical staff during rounds and supply examinations, as there are still hardly any doctors available. He passes on his expertise to the employees. His understudy aims to improve clinic standards, especially at the Hospital Provinzial, in Pemba. There, the staff has to care for people under poor conditions. There is no running water in the hospital, hardly any medication and no stable oxygen supply. In the pediatric intensive care unit, temperatures sometimes reach 42 °C.

Medizinische Fachkräfte aus Deutschland unterstützen die Arbeit in den Gesundheitsposten in Mosambik
Luke about his work in Mozambique:

“It is the most beautiful thing to drive through the province and see how happy people are because they could return to their homes. The fact that our Cap-Anamur team was able to make a contribution by restoring the necessary infrastructure makes me very happy. The joy in the population is immense, because with every healthcare post a foundation stone for the return to a life without terror and destruction becomes tangible again.”