Cap Anamur completes largest school construction project

We recently successfully completed another school construction project in the Central African Republic. In the community of Bossongo Cafe, we built a public school.

Cap Anamur baut in der Zentralafrikanischen Republik seit Jahren Schulen.

With six classrooms, a teacher’s room, a principal’s room, storage rooms and sanitary facilities, our largest school building project has been completed. A total of 1,200 students attend this elementary school this year.

At the end of October, the official inauguration ceremony took place with representatives of the Ministry of Education and official emissaries of the municipality. The celebration featured traditional dances, songs and contributions from the community. The head of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Education has thanked Cap Anamur for the implementation of the school construction project. In his speech he also assured that the administrative procedures for further construction projects of our aid organization, will be supported.

Cap Anamur acts in close cooperation with state institutions

The school project in Bossongo Cafe is a successful example of the good acceptance of our work in the Central African Republic. While we paid for the construction, the state provided the teachers for the school. With a trained director in charge of the school, this position was also filled by the state. Cap Anamur has also provided all students with school supplies for the start of school. Because in this country it is not a matter of course that the children who attend school also have sufficient school materials.

Further construction projects are progressing well

Since this spring, we have been devoting ourselves to two further construction projects at our project site in Bossembeélé (we reported in the news of 8.02.2022). We are expanding the elementary school in the provincial capital with another four classrooms, a storehouse and a teachers’ room. The capacities of this school had reached their limits. With the expansion, more children can be enrolled in school in the future.

In addition, we are building a library. This will include two reading rooms, a book depository, a manager and computer room, and a reading garden with benches. The new building will then be able to house school supplies for the entire region.