Cap Anamur Emergency Aid in Ukraine – Volker Rath Reports on the Current Podcast Episode

In our latest podcast episode, our Chairman of the Board Volker Rath reports directly from Ukraine. He discusses the emergency aid measures that Cap Anamur is carrying out on the ground and allows many of the people affected to get a word in.

The first month of our emergency aid in Ukraine

For a few weeks now, we have been regularly supplying the regional hospital in Vasylkiv, a town just outside Kyiv, with medical supplies. This region has been heavily contested since the outbreak of the Ukraine war and the supply situation is getting worse. Volker Rath has already accompanied several aid shipments in the country. In our latest podcast episode, he describes the situation in Ukraine like this:

Volker Rath im Gespräch zum Cap Anamur Podcast direkt aus der Ukraine
Relief for internally displaced persons in Novoselytsia and the embattled regions just outside Kyiv

In Novoselytsia, where we started our emergency aid at the beginning of March, things are relatively quiet. The oblast is not as heavily contested as eastern Ukraine. In recent weeks, however, more and more internally displaced persons have arrived in the small town and are being housed and cared for here.

Currently, Cap Anamur’s aid is focused on providing supplies to internally displaced persons stranded in Novoselytsia, as well as on caring for people in the embattled areas. People from these regions are brought to Novoselytsia in small vans. On the way back, the vehicles then take back needed supplies.

These trips are coordinated in close exchange between the city administrations of the individual districts. And since Cap Anamur is in close contact with the mayor of Novoselytsia, she forwards the medical needs from the individual regions directly to us. We therefore supplement the deliveries from our logistics center with required medicines, consumables as well as food for infants.

Surgical material for the regional hospital in Vasylkiw

Volker Rath went into direct exchange with the mayor of Vasylkiv to discuss the supply of the regional hospital in the city. Proximity to a former military airport has led to early attacks in Vasylkiw. Many wounded from all over the area have to be cared for here. In early April, a first shipment of medicines, bandages and surgical instruments was delivered. On April 8, Volker Rath himself went to Vasylkiv to discuss the future needs with the mayor and the management of the hospital.

You can listen to the detailed report from Ukraine here.
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