24. April 2023 Project reports, Sudan

Cap Anamur managing director travels to Sudan

"We need to further consolidate our work in the Nuba Mountains under the current conditions in Sudan. With our medical facilities, we continue to be there for the people in Sudan," explains Bernd Göken on 24.04. shortly before his project trip to Sudan.

Cap Anamur betreibt seit 1997 ein Krankenhaus im Sudan, in den Nuba Bergen.
Cap Anamur has been providing medical care in the Nuba Mountains for over 25 years

Bernd Göken, Managing Director of Cap Anamur / German Emergency Doctors e.V. left for a project visit to Sudan on April 24. The destination of his visit is the hospital in the Nuba Mountains, which Cap Anamur has been operating since 1997.

This trip has been planned for weeks and will take place despite the current fighting between the Sudanese authorities.
“We currently rate the situation in the Nuba Mountains as safe, so my project visit will take place as planned.”

Bernd Göken has been familiar with Sudan for over 20 years. He has helped run Cap Anamur’s hospital in the Nuba Mountains since 1999. At that time, there was already a bloody civil war, which has not been completely settled to this day, as no binding peace treaty has yet been signed.

Bernd Göken, Geschäftsführer von Cap Anamur bei seiner Projektreise in den Sudan 2018.
Bernd Göken, Geschäftsführer von Cap Anamur bei seiner Projektreise in den Sudan 2018.
Cap Anamur’s work in Sudan has always taken place under difficult conditions

In the 25 years that Cap Anamur has been working in Sudan, there have been repeated armed conflicts. Occasionally, project staff had to be brought to safety from air raids. In recent years, however, the situation in the Nuba Mountains has been calmer. In 2018/19, the last attacks took place in the region.

The project trip takes place for the assessment of the situation and for the personal exchange with the dispatched project staff members

Bernd Göken made the trip to Sudan despite the current fighting. It is particularly important to him to talk personally with the German team on site, which consists of doctors, nurses and a technician.

In addition, the Cap Anamur executive director brings urgently needed medicines and materials for hospital operations.

In addition, a meeting is scheduled with the commander of SPLMA (Sudan’s people’s Liberation Movement/Army-North), Abdel Aziz Al Hilu.

Cap Anamur maintains an important exchange with Abdel Aziz to keep up-to-date on the current political situation, security issues and the latest developments in the region. Bernd Göken has already met with the SPLMA leader during previous project visits.

The upcoming meeting will also discuss the consequences the current conflict will have on the situation in the Nuba Mountains.

“Due to the current situation in Sudan, we expect an increasing number of internally displaced people to flee the fighting in the capital Karthum to the Nuba Mountains. Therefore, it is important that we continue to maintain medical care in the Nuba Mountains.”

Bernd Göken bei einem Treffen mit Abdel Aziz Al Hilu, bei seinem letzten Projektbesuch.