23. June 2023 Project reports, Sudan

Conflict in Sudan | Cap Anamur supplies internally displaced people

More than 100,000 people have fled to the Nuba Mountains due to the conflict in Sudan. Cap Anamur takes care of their medical needs.

Der Konflikt im Sudan führt dazu, dass etwa 100.000 Menschen in die Nuba BErge geflohen sind um Schutz zu finden.
The current crisis in Sudan causes people to flee their homes

The ongoing power struggles in Sudan have resulted in some 2 million people within the country abandoning their home villages. More than 600,000 Sudanese have found refuge in neighboring countries and well over 100,000 refugees have sought shelter in the remote Nuba Mountains in the past two weeks. A temporary camp has been set up in Agiri, where some 10,000 women and children and elderly people have found refuge. However, the supply situation in this camp is catastrophic.

The refugees have no food or water and are housed in makeshift huts

The Nuba Mountains have always had limited resources and poor infrastructure. Now the supply situation is coming to a head due to the high number of refugees. The people housed in the makeshift camp have neither food, water nor access to medical care. Therefore, Cap Anamur staff went to the camp this week to provide medical assistance.

Der Konflikt im Sudan zwingt die Menschen vor den Kämpfen zu fliehen.
Internally displaced persons are cared for in a mobile clinic

Our medical staff Nathalie and Carolin organized the medical first aid in the camp. Together with colleagues from our hospital in the Nuba Mountains, they have set up a mobile clinic. In a very short time, a long line of people waiting to receive medical assistance formed.

Cap Anamur versorgt die Menschen, die vor dem Konflikt im Sudan in die Nuba Berge geflohen sind

Hunger reigns in the camp and without water the hygienic situation worsens daily. Diseases, such as malaria, are increasing because the makeshift huts offer no protection from the rain or mosquitoes. Even the first snake bites had to be treated, as there is no protection against them either. 13 women have already given birth under the catastrophic conditions. Our employees also cared for these mothers and their babies.

Cap Anamur versorgt die Menschen, die vor dem Konflikt im Sudan in die Nuba Berge geflohen sind
In cooperation with other organizations, Cap Anamur continues to provide care for the refugees.

While Cap Anamur provides medical care for the refugees, other organizations provide tarpaulins, food or shovels for digging temporary latrines. We are currently planning to assign healthcare workers from a nearby health post to provide medical care to the camp.

The current situation in Sudan remains very tense. We cannot yet foresee how the conflict will develop. What is certain is that we will ensure that the people seeking refuge in the Nuba Mountains receive our medical assistance.

Our efforts on the ground are best supported by means of donations! Please include the payment reference “SUDAN”. Thank you!

The Current Situation in Sudan

Political situation

For decades, Sudan has been the scene of armed conflict between the official government and rebel groups. The secession of an independent South Sudan from the North in 2011 intensified the fighting, especially in the border province of South Kordofan. The Uprising movement led to the removal of the president in 2019 and a new transitional government made up of civilians and the military. However, a new coup by the military in 2021 has aggravated the situation again.
Since April 2023, the conflict in Sudan has escalated again due to fighting between the current rulers.

Social situation.

The civilian population is suffering most from the fighting between rebels and government troops, fleeing their home villages, which are often under fire, and seeking shelter in the caves of the Nuba Mountains. However, lack of food, low water reserves and poor medical care quickly turn life in the mountains into a struggle for survival.