6. December 2022 Project reports, Ukraine

Heating stoves and relief supplies for 70 households in Izyum

For weeks, Ukraine's energy infrastructure has been destroyed through targeted attacks by Russia. This leads to outages in the power supply nationwide. This also goes hand in hand with the supply of water and heating. Therefore, Cap Anamur provides heat stoves to some households and a hospital in eastern Ukraine.

We now also provide assistance for private households

In the Ukrainian city of Izyum, we are currently supporting private households and the local hospital with heating stoves and other relief supplies. Izyum is located in eastern Ukraine and was captured by Russia in March 2022. Since the end of September, the city has been liberated again, but large parts were heavily destroyed in bombing raids.

20,000 people live without reliable power supply and heating

Of the 51,000 thousand inhabitants, 20,000 are currently still living in shelters that are still habitable. The energy supply is no longer guaranteed, leaving many households without water or functioning heating. The temperatures are just at – 11 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, Cap Anamur has provided 70 households with various heating elements. A young mother has also received a wood-burning stove for her small apartment. Their own house was completely destroyed in the bombing. She now lives in 18 square meters in a half-ruined house, with her four children. Fortunately, with the stove we provided, she can adequately heat her small shelter.

Relief supplies for the hospital in Izyum

The only hospital in Izyum was also partially destroyed by bombing. To ensure that operations can continue, we also provided this hospital with relief supplies. At the end of November, we delivered medical supplies and urgently needed medicines, as well as a power generator.
We also provided blankets and heating elements to a home for the elderly.

In this way, we make an important contribution to supplying the population, especially during the cold winter months.