11. September 2023 Project reports, Sudan

Sudan Conflict | The Supply Situation of the Refugees and Especially of the Children is Getting More and More Catastrophic

Since the outbreak of armed conflict in Sudan, more than three million people have fled within the country. Hundreds of thousands have sought refuge in the Nuba Mountains. The supply situation for the refugees and especially for the children becomes more and more catastrophic.

Seit Jahrzehnten ist der Sudan Schauplatz kriegerischer Auseinandersetzungen zwischen der offiziellen Regierung und Rebellengruppen. Cap Anamur betreibt seit 1997 ein Krankenhaus im Sudan.
Sudan conflict has forced over three million people to flee

For decades, Sudan has been plagued by an on-again, off-again conflict between the ruling party and rebel groups. In April of this year, this conflict grew in brutal ferocity and escalated into armed conflict between the government army and the rival paramilitary group Rapid Response Forces. The brutal fighting that broke out in the capital Karthum forced millions of people to flee.

Hundreds of thousands have found refuge in the Nuba Mountains

In the Nuba Mountains, in the south of the country, hundreds of thousands have found refuge from the fighting. Cap Anamur has been running a hospital there since 1997, which we have been operating continuously despite all the fighting and wars that have taken place so far.

Initially, after the outbreak of fighting, the supply situation in this region was still secure. At our hospital, we have been preparing for an increase in refugees in the Nuba Mountains. Our stockpiles of medicines have been replenished and our dispatched professionals have remained in the country to continue providing care to the people. In June, we provided medical care to people in a temporary refugee camp (read our news from June the 23rd, 2023).

The supply situation in the Nuba Mountains is becoming increasingly critical

Meanwhile, five months after the outbreak of fighting and an ever-increasing number of people fleeing to the mountains, the supply situation is becoming increasingly difficult.

In our hospital, we are experiencing an increasing number of patients. The number of malnourished children in particular is rising steadily. Because the resources of the region are no longer sufficient to supply the people. Despite a rich harvest, existing stockpiles of food is running low.

Bernd Göken, Managing Director of Cap Anamur on the current situation in Sudan:

“We can continue to maintain our assistance in Sudan. However, the supply situation in the region is becoming increasingly critical. People no longer have enough to eat, the region’s resources are slowly being exhausted and the immense number of refugees can no longer be adequately cared for. Even though our camps are filled, we are seeing an increasing number of patients every day. Especially the constantly increasing number of malnourished children is worrying. The current situation shows us that we must continue to expand our aid.”

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